The Great Trade war of 2018


Too bad you people are wrong so often.



Your wiki is open.

Why wouldn’t you just assume that the layoffs will be targeted to those which make the best financial sense for the paper. Or is everything couched in political terms in your thinking?


Ummm… because the CEO has an axe to grind.

And you can bet hes gonna make Trump’s “forgotten man” voters pay… to teach them a lesson.


Which is kind of hilarious since it would not guarantee a reduction in the trade deficit.



Is anything he said untrue?


Yes. He wrote as though there is only one way to deal with increased paper costs… layoffs.

And you can read his other views too in other articles. He admits that he totally lost touch with Trump supporters during the election and then tried to "reconnect c with them. ( oh… you mean they know how to read and might be customers? He was likely surprised.)


Sounds like a typical business person to me. But if you want to get your panties in a twist over this - go right ahead.


I don’t make the politics.


Paul Tash… just a regular business man

The Obamas were having 360 of their closest friends over to dinner Wednesday evening, including the Camerons of London, the Buffetts of Omaha and the Tashes of St. Petersburg.

But you people will cite layoffs by this guy as evidence of the bad bad decisions Trump made.




So what?

Trump has many friends among media magnets.

I know you probably can’t believe this but tariffs are going to cost jobs in many, many sectors of the economy. That is just going to be a fact of life under Trump. Trump is President and he owns this economic policy. It’s not the newspaper’s fault it has to lay off people because of the increased cost of newsprint due to the tariffs.


Are you on the lib “A” team?
You don’t even know the reason for the original tarrifs this year… do you?

We could even end up with a trade imbalance more in Germany’s favor and STILL Trump would have met his objective.

Say these words.

Most of the other tarrifs are just collateral damage in the battle to regain our aluminum and steel industry.

But keep it up… china loves you. If you can weaken the national will to endure the extra costs, our economic competitors will win.


Yep. The country must suffer so that steel and aluminum workers can prosper.

In another time this was called wealth redistribution. Now you guys call it patriotism.





Aluminum and steel jobs are a concomitant benefit. And politically, it makes sense to advertise that benefit. But it is clear you have no concept… none…zero… nada…zilch… of the industrial needs of national security. I wont even try to tutor you.


The national security excuse was used to persuade the feeble minded to subsidize vote buying for the Trump administration.





Guaranteed… you are wrong.


Maybe. But since I don’t listen to your hive mind, how would I know?

The concept that our national security is a risk because we only produce 80 million tons of steel is idiotic.


Yep. If they cared so much about this national security risk, why would they allow so much to of the aluminum and steel produced here to be exported out of the country?


How much does our wartime contingency plan say we need? Wouldn’t you think the Commander in Chief knows this? I don’t know the number, and it’s likely a classified number but those closest to the president would know.