The Great Trade war of 2018


Chamber of commerce is saying that the trade war could cost the US 2.6 million jobs.

Millions of U.S. jobs depend on America’s ability to trade with other countries. Half of all U.S. manufacturing jobs depend on exports, and one in three acres of American farmland is planted for international sales. But recent and proposed trade actions by the Trump administration threaten as many as 2.6 million American jobs and will stymie our economic resurgence.


“Johnny, I have some bad news. You know that mean orange man ? Well he took away your favorite funnies. Now what do you think of that ole mister Trump? Please speak into the microphone.”



Tax Foundation estimates almost 50k lost jobs due to existing tariffs, and if Trump imposes more tariffs as much 277k jobs will be lost. For every steel and aluminum job gained, 16 more will be lost due to the tariffs.


Tampa Bay Times has laid off 50 people due to escalating cost of newsprint due to tariffs.


The Chinese Ministry of Commerce announced a 25 percent charge on $16 billion worth of U.S. goods. The 333 goods being targeted by China include vehicles such as large passenger cars and motorcycles. Various fuels are on the list, as well as fiber optical cables.

China is also going after coal, grease, Vaseline, asphalt and plastic products, and recyclables.

China’s announcement comes after the U.S. Trade Representative’s office released a finalized list of $16 billion worth in Chinese goods that will be hit with tariffs. The U.S. charges will take effect on Aug. 23. The latest U.S. list brings the total worth of Chinese goods facing a 25 percent tariff to $50 billion.

“This is tit-for-tat exactly,” said Art Hogan, chief market strategist at B. Riley FBR. “Our $16 billion comes at a scheduled time, which comes up on the 23rd. China said we see your $16 billion and we’ll match your $16 billion.”

Trump and his protectionist morons surrounding him are fools if they believe China will buckle under pressure from adding more tariffs. Look for more job losses as a result of this.


More American job losses.


The other problem is that is going to cause is it is going to put Americans that already adapting further behind and harm those that did adapt.

Other countries will rush to fill the void and when the war is over American businesses will struggle to get back in. The people who already were not adapting will be spending the money they get in the short term and will not have learned needed new skills and will see mills and such close again.

Trade deficit is not really shrinking so that is failure too.


Chamber of Commerce is Deep State!


After today’s lesson on statistics be Democrat inventions we will go with the chamber of commerce being another liberal tool. Of course at old board we learned science and reality also are liberal. And my all time favorite of course is the problem with the bible is that it is too liberal and needs a conservative translation.


The US Chamber of Commerce has historically been a very conservative organization. It’s like calling the Heritage Foundation part of the Deep State


I know.

I’ve heard Rush and other media cons refer to it as The Establishment and such in defense of the Orange Messiah.



News works on fear and sensationalism. There is a bit of truth with the “fake news” tag being thrown around. The opinion pieces are the worse regardless of the publisher and opinion pieces are more numerous today.


Seems to me that Trumps Bluffing has somewhat worked.
I suspect he is going to see if he can make other countries flinch at the idea of an all out Trade War. Again he really wants all Countries to remove all Tariffs across the board.


Doesn’t really mean anything. That was also over a month ago.


Speaking of Germany…the trade surplus with the US is on track to match 2017 levels if not exceed.


Journalists or “forgotten men” that might vote for Trump?


Are you under the impression that journalists are the only employees of newspapers?


Nope. On the contrary. I just want to know if the layoffs targeted Trump’s “forgotten man” voters while sparing journalists.
They won’t say…wonder why.

Poynter owns the Times, and Tash is chairman of Poynter’s board of trustees. On Thursday, he declined to specify how many people are in the newsroom and how many of the layoffs came from the newsroom.


He probably is.