The Great Trade war of 2018


Honestly, I really just can’t help myself. I realize that Trump, or Conservatives might love thee fact that thee liberal mainstream media covers thee whole Russian Collusion and other stupid pathetic crap like that, but I can’t do it myself.


Libs love … I mean absolutely love … to create fear and uncertainty and worrying within the marketplace , hoping to impact the market negatively. Then … “we dint do nuttin… it was all that tariff nonsense” . They are as antiAmerican as can be.

And for those farmers who will make sacrifice in support of Trump’s trade policies… the libs’ utter disdain and malicious wish for those patriots is without precedent.


no one cares. the investigation will go on.


Have you noticed … almost no one cares anymore. The theater is boring. You (maybe) caught a rich guy who has a fetish for expensive suits. You indicted a bunch of foreigners who will never take the stand. You gave good employment to a bunch of Clinton donor lawyers.

No one cares.


i’m sure Trump republicans don’t care. probably to worrisome.



Seeing as China counts for 20 percent of US oil exports this is not going to be good.


Even the smallest of things should count.


Jane Hardy, the chief executive of a company that makes lawn-care equipment, says she had to lay off 75 employees this summer because of President Trump’s trade war. As she fights to keep her southern Indiana business going, Hardy is one of several manufacturers warning the White House that, unless they see relief from the tariffs soon, job losses will mount and factory closures are likely.

Trump has repeatedly said he would protect American farmers in the trade war, last week setting aside $12 billion to help them, but he is facing pressure to extend aid to other industries if the tariffs remain in place or get extended to more products.

Extending those bailouts would be an expensive proposition. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce on Monday estimated the total price tag could hit $39 billion if Trump compensated the losses across all industries. It would take $7.6 billion to help car and automobile parts manufacturers alone, the Chamber said, calling it a “slippery slope” for Trump to determine who gets help and who doesn’t. The Chamber has been a vocal critic of the tariffs.

Hardy’s company, Brinly-Hardy, has been in business since 1839. It survived recessions and the Civil War, but it might not survive a prolonged trade war. Hardy buys steel from U.S. companies, but Trump’s tariffs on foreign steel have caused domestic prices to rise, as well. Steel costs have jumped 33 percent since the start of the year, and Hardy says her costs are up even more. She was hit again by Trump’s first round of tariffs on Chinese products that went into effect in early July, another hefty cost eating into her bottom line. Other products she imports and says she can’t get domestically are on a list for a second round of tariffs on China likely to go into effect later this summer.

“We are collateral damage in this effort,” Hardy said. “We’re going to be in the same situation as the farmers of needing to save U.S. manufacturing.”


Seems that if nothing else, that all income from tariffs should go directly for these bailouts.


Absolutely. But then, how would these tariffs make American richer, as Trump claims?


The same way he’s been paying down the federal debt. Only 6 years to go until we’re debt free!


More jobs lost, plant closure due to tariffs.



You know what is really funny is most Trump supporters avoid threads like this with real issues and have no idea what is happening. I guess all the job losses and higher prices that come from tariffs and gouging are not making it onto FNC or talk radio. Or white nationalists and other nutters YouTube channels.


Buried in that article is Volvo not creating 4,000 jobs and BMW saying that tens of thousands of jobs are in jeopardy.







Amazing how many of these businesses that are being affected are in Red states.


Not really the whole world saw what these folks wanted and is giving it to them.