The Great Trade war of 2018


There is no question. We are witnessing on this very site a devolution of a great many posters. It is weird and fascinating at the same time. We have also seen a great many of them exposed as frauds, who used to claim a strict adherence to conservative principle, which they eagerly sold away for loyalty to a single man. It is a wild time right now.


The people take their cues from the pundits who claimed to be conservative but weren’t really .

Look at Pence he sold out on everything he claimed to be about just to get power.


i didn’t add a comment to it like i should have. it’s okay to start it again.


that’s too funny. Trump acts like a bully gang banger and Obama was bland.


You know what is funny the US had a trade surplus with Canada last year and now they are screwing that up


Some trade is more important than others in the domain of national defense. You likely failed to understand Trump’s big concern about industries that are needed in our national defense because you were too busy guffawing with stupid libs who were so goshdurn sure that Trump’s comments about Canada and national defense meant that he thought Canada was going to attack us militarily.


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If steel is so important why is it not nationalized to make sure production and quality are there for national security?

This is Trump sacrificing a lot of American jobs to prop up one industry.


You can debate the approach that is best to achieve an objective. But don’t ignore that objective as though Trump just gave up a surplus just to be an ■■■■■■■.


He did. Canada has a shared interest with the US when it comes to national security. First this was supposed to be about better trade but when it turned the US had a surplus and he stepped in it he went to national security to justify it.


Shared interest is not enough.
Two countries with a shared interest can each have opposing views on how to achieve that common goal. One can be wrong. One can right.

I’d bet on the one that has more experience making decisions that provide the common national defense. I like Canadian armed forces; I’ve even supported them once or twice. But … sorry… we are the big dogs when it comes to defense.


Missing a word.

What do you mean? I’ll respond if I understand what you asking.



Hey higher coke prices are just about national security.




Making arbitrage great again!


That doesn’t surprise me. One of the guys who brings produce in from the states told me they are removing any identifiable stickers that show the product as being US and putting product of Mexico on it. Of course we pay less for it then but when we inspect the produce you can see the difference.


Well… we have a trade surplus with Brazil… so it’s all cool.


Poor Trump…so hard to lie when others will not corroborate.


Libs cheer when America is hurt.


No, Never Trumpers cheer when Trump steps on another rake.

No pain, no gain!