The Great Trade war of 2018


Prove your argument. Please cite sources and methods.


No daddy.


I see. That’s what you expect of others. Sort of do as I say, not as I do.


I simply countered an assertion with an assertion. No one posted definitive proof of anything.

You are too conditioned to just accept and believe anything that is said that makes Trump look like he’s hurting America.



Not even you believe that there’s no supporting evidence.


Global economy :point_down:



Look what happens when a country ignores its own needs in preference to some global ideology.

From your link.

Host country Argentina is one of the world’s most closed economies, after a string of populist leaders implemented tariffs and restrictions on foreign capital to protect domestic industry. Market-friendly President Mauricio Macri has removed many of those barriers, generating popular backlash as factory employment has nosedived.


Lol at that link they point out that ag trade in 2017 was responsible for a $22 billion in trade surplus. Oh well. As long as trump family trade isn’t hit, right?





A very telling post.




here’s the sad part. a really good financial president (like a Buffet or some accountant) could achieve exactly what Trump thinks he’ll achieve without pissing everyone in the world off. someone like Reagan could probably sweet talk his way to better deals without Americans having to suffer.

but, no, Trump has to create chaos and people have to suffer.

he’s a loudmouth idiot.


Trump and his base as so stupid and in a way it is a little surprising that Trump would do this.

Being in the hospitality industry he was in a position to take advantage of the changing US economy.

America should be focused on ag exports and service industry jobs. The same jobs they attack regularly. Like higher education. America actually has a trade surplus there.


Another industry feeling the pain.

2.5 Billion Pounds of Meat Piles Up in U.S. as Production Grows, Exports Slow

Profits, prices are threatened as record amounts of red meat and poultry fill U.S. warehouses

Meat is piling up in U.S. cold-storage warehouses, fueled by a surge in supplies and trade disputes that are eroding demand.

Federal data, coming as early as Monday, are expected to show a record level of beef, pork, poultry and turkey being stockpiled in U.S. facilities, rising above 2.5 billion pounds, agricultural analysts said.

U.S. consumers’ appetite for meat is growing, but not fast enough to keep up with record production of hogs and chickens. That leaves the U.S. meat industry increasingly reliant on exports, but Mexico and China—among the largest foreign buyers of U.S. meat—have both set tariffs on U.S. pork products in response to U.S. tariffs on steel, aluminum and other goods. U.S. hams, chops and livers have become sharply more expensive in those markets, which is starting to slow sales, industry officials said.


Yep. It has been a few weeks since I have had to log into the governments inspection website to check on US meat imports or products containing US meat.


The crazy thing is that all of this is just the beginning. We have barely even begun to scratch the surface of the ramifications from these tax increases being levied against Americans from the Trump administration.


New housing prices are already climbing

Farmers builders beer and soda providers and consumers will hall suffer but that very small percentage of the population in the steel or lumber industry who are enjoying no competition are benefiting.


Save 5,000 jobs in those industries while losing 150,000 jobs across other sectors = winning! :man_facepalming:


That’s true Amen.