The Great Trade war of 2018


Seriously !


Right you are. I always sepelled it cerveza and got away with it. Brasillys aren’t big on spelling. R is H and they pronounce the j’s. Crazy language.




Just wanted to share a little frustration here.

Last month I ordered a part that I need from China.

It was supposed to arrive in a week.

Now estimated delivery is July 30th.

A $90 part is going to make me lose out on a few thousand dollars of equipment rental income.


Filthy lib, buy 'Murican!


shoulda gone for the Prime shipping!


Talking to truck drivers coming into Canada their are being held up and China is holding up cargo containers from the US.


I am not saying for certain that my problem is a direct result of the trade war… but I have never had this problem before of the delivery date being constantly set back.

As of last week, I was supposed to receive by the 15th. When I looked today… basically before posting in this thread… it has been pushed back to the 30th.

Just frustrating is all.


I would if I could… but the American distributors of this really specific dumb… yet important thing get all of their stuff manufactured in China anyway.


So…Trump applies tariffs for “national security” reasons, and now is filing a WTO cases against five countries for retaliatory tariffs. Don’t think the US will be winning these.


Hey Pence, your state might be losing up to 6k jobs before then end of the year, and 14k jobs in 2019 due to tariffs.


Goodbye Dollar Tree!


Americans are losing jobs because of tariffs on Mexican goods.


From yesterday’s NYT.

It’ll be fun watching South Carolina’s economy tank.


China isn’t going to blink. This article helps explain why also.

They’re in the long game here and will simply wait out Trump.



Because he is a moron and does not understand how any of this works, or a single ramification of any decision he makes. Which seems to be the case for most of his supporters as well. Mass ignorance is leading, and supporting the leadership, of this country. :man_facepalming:


Well, the spineless cowards in Congress just handed China a win.


Hey… my company is still making weapons of war. Tariffs had no effect. My expenses have not gone up. Farmers could raise their prices and I would still pay… and do so gladly to help them out.


No they arnt. Stop believing every article that supports your bias.