The Great Trade war of 2018


Would still make der trumpengroper throw another fit. It wouldnt even have to hurt him.


Chinese are smart businessmen. They’re paying higher prices from Brazilian crop to punish America while there is a global glut of soy.


Oh look…another forum intellectual idiots decides to join the newbie.


So stupid. Smart businesses do not pay more for something out of spite.


You’re boring me.


If Americans have to suffer so Conan can hope to see a liberal upset it is worth it.


Looks like a correction from the short lived high!


Yes, and their seems to be a global glut of soy…and idiot Chinese wants to punish America by paying higher prices for south America.


I don’t think DRS is a newbie.


I see he joined 7/6. Is he the same one?

All libs smell that same so I didn’t notice. It must be the they all take collective baths in same grey water. :wink:


Yes. This is how trade wars go. Americans get punished.


Not everyone raced over here to join immediately. Or post that often.



**[quote=“LucyLou, post:259, topic:6106, full:true”]

Not everyone raced over here to join immediately. Or post that often.

** But a Ding A Ling would assume so.


Ok. They are kinda small but… sure dude. ENJOY.


Can you imagine? Only an employee would think otherwise


Actually thet say “Obrigado”


Could be. On the other hand I have noticed no damage where I live and where I shop.


Sim. Hey…do you know the ONLY two words you MUST know to get along famously in Brasil?

Um cerveza. Say that over and over again for ultimate happiness. Works every time.


Cerveza is Spanish, they speak Portuguese in Brazil. It’s cerveja.