The Great Trade war of 2018


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Trump’s first set of tariffs was mostly on industrial goods, but this round with be equally split on consumer and capital goods.


Feel the pain Michigan. Bet you guys are thrilled with your decision right about now.

But many other Chinese clients that depend on international ties are choosing to invest elsewhere because of tariffs and other barriers, as well as growing antagonism toward China more generally.

One of Butzel Long’s clients, a Chinese entrepreneur who was planning to set up a $10 million research and development facility in Michigan, recently chose to go to Germany instead because of concerns over new regulations on licensing and technology transfer. Another Chinese company Mr. Xian worked with had been planning to import 5,000 tons of beef a year from Michigan — a win for the Trump administration, which reached a deal last year to finally open the Chinese market to American beef. But in recent months, the Chinese company decided to give up on the deal, seeing the threat of a 25 percent Chinese tariff on American beef as too great a risk.

“We need predictable, stable policies,” Mr. Xian said. "Without certainty, nothing can happen.”


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What caused the dip in price in 2009?, what cause the dip in 2015?


What did Obama do 2014 to cause a sudden 40 percent drop in soy prices?


Do you just like to bathe in the waters of ignorance?

Large crop yields caused a process drop in 2014. Now due to trade wars it is harming prices.

Try being a man and admit that the guy you guys held up as a hero to middle America is actually hurting people.


Very good. Now have you factor that in for the reason why soy prices are dropping?

Or are you just acting like a hack that you are?


Nope keep bathing in the waters of ignorance. Because countries without tariffs are getting paid still.

Brazil says thank you.


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CHICAGO, Jan 12 (Reuters) - The U.S. government expects the country’s soybean exports to drop for the first time in five years as bumper crops in South America pose a stiff challenge for U.S. shipments abroad.

The drop is bad news for U.S. farmers struggling with low prices and record stocks of the oilseed as Argentina and Brazil, which surpassed the United States as the world’s largest exporter in 2013, seize a larger share of the $48 billion global soybean export market.

In the most eagerly awaited crop report of the year on Friday, the U.S. Department of Agriculture cut its U.S. soybean export forecast to 58.79 million tonnes for the year ended Aug. 31, down 1.77 million tonnes from the prior-month forecast and down 370,000 from the previous year’s record high.

Meanwhile, the agency lifted current-season Brazilian exports by 1.5 million to a record 67 million tonnes. The country is expected to grow 110 million tonnes of soybeans this season, its second-largest ever crop, the USDA said.

With Brazil’s next harvest weeks away and farmers there still holding stocks from last year’s harvest, the USDA may be forced to reduce its U.S. export outlook even further, traders and analysts said.

As you can see Brazil and Argentina has flooded the market while still having stocks from last years harvest.

Even someone with low IQ should be able to figure this out.


Your IQ is low enough. If it was purely based on crop yield. Brazil would not be getting so much for their crop.

Try again.



Not worth arguing with dimwits. The farmers know what is happening to them because of the Trump tariffs. Their elected officials know, also.


Brazil and Argentina are eating our lunch. Seems you support their farmers over ours.