The Great Trade war of 2018


I had been posting article links regarding the now engaged trade war Trump started in 2018 in the “This Day in Politics” thread but felt it was enough of a story on it’s own. So I’ll be using this thread to discuss Trump’s trade war.

This is the latest item in the trade war escalation:

Will Trump keep fighting the trade war as other countries and trade unions retaliate? Will Trump in turn pose new tariffs and taxes in further retaliation?

  • Trump will continue and escalate trade war
  • Trump will stop posing new tariffs but will keep existing ones running
  • Trump will keep tariffs but will give exceptions to certain countries
  • Trump will end tariffs started in 2018

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I think as the economy is hurt by the tariffs, Trump will end the ones his administration started for “national security”.

Trump lies about his meeting with the Queen to make himself feel more special

Who’s ready for a full on Depression?


All the countries that we have a negative trade balance with have more to lose in this, than gain. That being said, I believe there will be concessions by those same countries before an actual war begins. Trump is bluffing but by the responses I’m seeing here on this board, it’s working.


The war is already on. Canada started new tariffs yesterday. $12.6B


The war has already begun. Countries are already imposing retaliatory tariffs that have taken affect.


China’s retaliatory tariffs to be in effect on July 6.


This weekend Trump basically called the EU as bad as China only smaller. He also expressed a desire to leave the WTO. I have listened to economic experts that are convinced that Trump really does not know the particulars to international trade. He has pissed off Canada and now there is going to be a new president of Mexico who looks like he might take a hard line on NAFTA. Hell, even Larry Kudlow was totally against a trade war before he joined the team and had to shut up. I do believe Trump when he says that winning trade wars is easy. I am now seeing more stories of companies who use steel that have started having layoffs. One was a nail company in the rust belt where almost of the 60 laid off are Trump supporters. The bottom line is what impact this will have on GDP.


Look at the bright side: more taxes for the federal government, paid by US companies and citizens.

Yes Americans, you just got a tax hike.


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Think carefully about that one.




True. There are some cases where it doesn’t apply. I should not have said “all”. Thanks.


$1,000,000,000,000.00 :flushed:


Not showing preview and behind a pay wall. What’s this figure for?


This seems…related.


Shoot. Here is the gist of it…

A $1tn global trade war could yet come to pass

The US is due to start imposing tariffs on Friday on $34bn of imports from China and Beijing is set to target an equal amount as the nascent trade war between the two largest economies continues to build. Add that to the pile of tariffs and counter-tariffs growing across the Atlantic and North America, and the value of trade covered by the economic wars that President Donald Trump has launched will race through the $100bn mark by the end of this week.

But that’s just the beginning.

Before long Mr Trump’s trade wars could easily surge through the trillion-dollar mark. That is likely to be economically consequential for both the US and the world. It would be equivalent to a quarter or more of the US’s $3.9tn total trade with the world last year and cover at least 6 per cent of global merchandise trade (worth $17.5tn in 2017, according to the World Trade Organization).

  1. The Trump-China wars could soon be the $600bn wars

  2. The Trump auto wars could be worth even more than $600bn

  3. Don’t forget about Nafta
    Often lost in the global conversation is the fact that the US trades more with Canada and Mexico ($1.1tn) than it does with China, Japan, Germany and the UK combined.


Looks like Trump has decided to dig in and won’t be backing down. It’ll be interesting to see if he backs down once real job losses start to amass and the economy starts to implode? If it hurts his popularity among his base, will that even get him to do an about face?


Very conservative president


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