The Great Hack and the 2016 election

with help from msnbc?

ah yes of course

So Beto may have won if CA didn’t interfere

We’ve been watching stupid political nonsense for years now.

Don’t be. I don’t think anyone noticed except you.

I don’t understand your post.

Actually all the film really did was lay out what a **** Alexander Nix was and what a morally ambiguous character Brittany Kaiser was.

It did mention that Barack Obama’s campaign in 2008 (for whom kaiser worked) was the first to use extensive data profiling to look for likely voters.

What it actually didn’t do was establish how effective Cambridge Analytica actually was…many have doubts they were all that effective in truly identifying the “persuadeables” (they didn’t work for Ted Cruz when he went up against Beto- they worked for him in the 2016 primary, and he thought they sucked. They didn’t say that in the documentary- I read that elsewhere).

And while there is evidence a psychological profile worked up from your data “fingerprint” you leave on line can be used to serve up ads that you will engage with more (i.e. watch and click if there’s something to click) there is not much evidence…yet…that you can actually be persuaded to change your vote…or stay home (if that’s what they’re trying to get you to do).

Film hinted a bit at this when Brittany Kaiser said “Maybe I wanted to believe we were more effective than we were”.

All in all, a disappointing documentary. What they should have done was focus more on the film’s final message- data companies are making trillions of dollars off our data…we should actually have a piece of that action…or at least greater control over it.

They didn’t get into the exact details of how. They did talk a little about who they targeted.

My typing got interrupted in the middle. I’ve added to it.

I would say they had success in discouraging people to vote. I think it will be interesting to see how the investigation in Trinidad goes.

Film also mentioned they played a role in the 2013 election on Trinidad and Tobago by actually starting “Do So” a don’t vote campaign, which supposedly suppressed the black vote in favor of the Indian vote on the island. Never really proved that worked either, and government officials deny CA was involved.

Apparently there is going to be evidence provided that they were.

Yes… people try to influence elections. What a revelation. LMAO!

The bigger story here is companies profit off our data, and we have little if any recourse.

That’s what the next debate should be about.

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Yeah, no problem. I’d add it but people would get bent out of shape for not being able to talk about Cheney or Durbin.

Companies use big data for all sorts of marketing devices. Hell, for that matter, your posts here are used for ad sells. But you post here for free and everyone gets something out of it. If you receive entertainment from Facebook, YouTube, et al, then your unprotected data that you willingly give them whether knowingly or not, is your price to play.

Yes I get that but the degree to which they profit is astronomical now. At some point it becomes inequitable.

I think we’re reaching that point…when data is worth trillions of dollars.

As these outlets use more and more advertising, they will scare off the users. I’ve used FB and YouTube less as a result. I see it more as the ebb and flow of things. Now if your 5g self driving car gets hung up on an ad and forgets to stop at the light, then we’ll have a problem.