The Great Hack and the 2016 election

A Netflix film lays out exactly how Cambridge Analytica influenced the 2016 election. The work they did with the Cruz campaign and then Trump’s.

The same sort of misinformation techniques are being used and posted here.

For example questions about Biden’s health.

I am looking forward to watching it.

They must really be good at what they do! Cruz beat Beto…barely!!! :sunglasses:

did they mention anything about how the clintons campaign worked with DNC to conspire against Bernie?

i’m sure it was politically balanced

Biden’s mental health?

Look over there!

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This is…a political forum…and you are…a regular…and the OP is stating that Cambridge is effective at getting out misinformation…and you don’t know about Biden’s mental health issue?

Me neither. :sunglasses:

don’t watch this stupid political nonsense. be smart

Well, telling people to shoot a shotgun off their balcony to stop a rape is bat ■■■■ crazy.

Oh and sniffing hair.

Cambridge Analytica… sounds English…

I have absolutely no idea what you mean by your post.

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dont watch the netflix film mentioned in the op

sorry to be so complex

Thanks for the clarification. Complex wouldn’t have been the word I would have chosen. At the moment I don’t have access to netflix; it may change next month.

They got into their work on the leave campaign. The part they played in other elections previously is discussed.

Smart like falling in line behind Trump? No thanks. I’m good thinking for myself.


Funny how they never look into MSM and high tech was influenced by DNC.

Why is that?

Does that include looking at The Wall Street Journal or is that not part of the MSM?

Didn’t Hillary say we were supposed to ignore anything learned from the hacked emails? The ones that the Russians illegally influenced the election with by letting us know the truth.

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Its dirty politics to question that. Not like the insane orange narcissist who is probably psychotic or something because some radical Dem psychologist somewhere analyzed him from afar.

Oh they interview people from Cambridge Analytica who admit to meeting with Wikileaks.