The Government Shutdown Hurts


Who’s the arbiter? You?


They do that in DC… that’s why it’s a partial govt shut down. For 5 billion the dems could end it tomorrow… The dems don’t care about govt workers suffering or children dying on their way here because of our open border…


Of course :laughing:


Interesting take…only 5 billion to end this you say?

How about this take? DON’T put the 5 billion in, pass a clean bill that opens and funds the government, and then let them have a clean vote on funding for the wall.

Then we take care of both things…the government goes back to work, and there is an on the record account of who wants to waste money.


Yes… It hurts the dem party as it’s a 24/7 ad telling country dems want open borders at all costs…

So, keep it closed for the free advertising, lol!

Trump is Cool.


There’s fewer of them than there are government workers currently furloughed or told to work without pay.


They don’t really care about those things.


Why are you going on about government workers? They didn’t do anything wrong.
You’re right, the world doesn’t owe you anything. Hence my comment about coal miners, for example. A lot of complaining there and Trump promising things he can’t possibly deliver, instead of genuine help with job retraining programs and the like. All we heard from the right during campaign was blame on Obama for coal mining job losses. Did you suggest they should shut up and adapt?


No, mostly not true at all. Aside from market forces and necessary attempts to cut greenhouse CO2 emissions, automation has drastically cut the workforce needed to extract coal. Peek employment is long past and never coming back.


Why do you say Dems when we all heard tiny trump say he would be proud to own the shutdown…? Aren’t you proud with him?


Who is more spineless, Mitch or Ryan?


There’s a bill now that would pass the Senate by a veto-proof majority.

Meaning the bulk of our nation’s representatives…GOP and Dem…are in favor of this bill…reflective of how the country is mostly in favor of it.

Mitch McConnell won’t let that bill come to the floor for a vote.

Why aren’t you telling people to call up Mitch McConnell?

And is your idea of negotiating “Just nice your opponent what he wants or the impasse is your fault”?

And what conservative says “What’s the big deal? It’s only a small amount of money”.

Come on man…you used to make better arguments than this.


Whale oil provided a lot of power and light to us even in its dying throes.

Coal accounts for 30% of the world’s electricity.

It was 40% just five years ago.

And as has been pointed out, automation is killing jobs, and it’s highly likely we have seen peak coal production.


Germany just closed their last coal mine.


Dems letting people suffer for 5 billion out of a trillion budget… I thought dems had compassion?


Notice how no one says the same about Trump not dropping his demand knowing the shutdown he is proud to take ownership of is hurting people, since that’s the point. People expect Dems to cave.


You don’t pay ransoms to hostage takers.

You know why?

It encourages them to take more hostages.


Just wondering, are we all fine with entering a new era where Presidents have pet projects that they insist be funded and will shut down the government to get their way? Is that really the future we want to move towards?

Or should we just have Congress vote on the pet project like every other project?


What open border?

The border is TIGHT!


Trump said he’ll gladly take the blame. Why are you talking about Dems? This is the Trump Shutdown.