The GOP In Arizona Is Trying To Go Off The Rails

From the article:
Rep. Shawnna Bolick, R-Phoenix, has proposed letting the Legislature void the results of a presidential election if it chooses.
House Bill 2720 would allow the House, by a majority vote, to revoke the secretary of state’s certification of presidential electors chosen by Arizona voters to cast the state’s electoral college votes.
Another bill would let the Legislature award two of the state’s 11 electoral college votes.

This is the first of what I suspect might be a wave of proposals that would allow voters to be disenfranchised by having their vote thrown out. This crap can not succeed.


Their decision to censure Cindy McCain should’ve removed any doubt the the Arizona Republican party is firmly in the Trump bootlicking camp. As such, nothing is too crazy for them anymore.


Why would you bother to go to the expense of conducting an election if that legislation passed? Why not just get the House to vote in the first place?

Some of that is nuts. One item you mentioned though I think is a great idea and I’ve even mentioned it on this board prior to this.

If I was designing the system: the EC votes a state gets via population would be decided and split via the popular vote. The 2 EC votes a state gets should be decided by the state legislature.

Not quite the same thing as they are proposing. They’re going too far the other way in my opinion.

I’m good with EC votes being split proportional to the States vote count. Not in favor of legislatures having any say in the outcome of elections though.


Az gop long been off the rails. We moved our company out of maricopa partly because of the wacky snowbirds and their retirement tv politics,

Why this?

Goes back to the days the Senate was chosen by the state legislatures, maybe?

The Republic used to actually limit the “democratic impulse” by only allowing the electorate to choose local, state and federal representatives.

The “state representative branch” of the federal government (the Senate) was chosen by the state legislatures and the national representative (the President) was chosen by the electors sent from every state.

The Founders hated the idea of direct democracy.

meanwhile, democrats want to massively increase at home balloting

just in case it’s not easy enough to rig elections


Do Republicans hate democracy?

Considering the reps were elected two years previous to the Presidential election, it doesn’t seem they represent the most current will of the people. Doesn’t make any sense to me.

So do you join your fellow Republicans in preferring the state legislature vote for President instead of you?

Like in Utah?

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More convenient to vote = more participation, its better for everyone, makes it more representative. Or are you in favor of making harder to vote?

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its easy enough now. and safe

as though it wasnt obvious that they were going to do this from the start.

thats not what that is

dont mess with the democrats new goldmine! lol

You got it correct.

In my opinion we need to get back to states having most of the governing power. The federal level should be so limited in scope that “who’s president” really wouldn’t have much of an effect on a persons daily life.

While at the same time the states should have the ability to govern and do “almost” anything they desire to do. So long as it doesn’t violate human rights, or adversely effect another state.

We should have 50 states trying things different ways and figuring out how things should be done. The successful ideas will stick around and be emulated by states that tried unsuccessful ideas.

Instead. Now we have every one trying to experiment at the federal level. One experiment that goes back and forth between the two parties being forced on everyone nation wide and switching direction every couple years. It’s a recipe for a hard fail.

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Why hold an presidential election appointing the electors if the legislature can make it null and void and vote for the losing candidate.

Why not just skip the election and appoint the electors of your choosing.

Really bad idea.


That’s where I think they are going to far. I don’t support that part at all. I also don’t believe all the electors should be chosen by the state legislature. Which is why my suggestion was a mix.

I would rather see a full audit of the results. The same in Pennsylvania. Not to throw Biden out, but to find out how much fraud there was.

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