The GOP hates democracy

in state after state they are mtrying to make it harder to vote. and even if the voters pass a ballot initiative that the GOP is oppopsed to they go out of their way to prevent it from taking effect the way its supposed to.

for example. florida voters approved letting felons who have completed their sentences to vote.
the GOP passed restrictions to prevent a lot of them from voting.

In Missouri the voters approved medicare expansion.
the GOP refuses to fund it.

in Arizona teh GOP is "auditing " the election results,trying to do it in secret,using a biased fim with no experience in hopes of calling bidens legitamacy into question.
Its obvious the GOP wishes we were a dictatorship ruled by King Trump…

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Meanwhile, the DNC/House is trying to take away the power of the people in the states to make their own local voting laws to enhance security. Without that security, the results of an election can always be legitimately questioned, If you can’t rely on the results of an election, Democracy is weakened.
Only faith in elections gives viability to elections.


I hate democracy too. Good thing we don’t live in one. lol


Reagan use to say “trust but verify.” That was true for arms control with the Soviet Union, and the same applies to elections.

If the current system were really transparently free and fair, Democrats should be welcoming audits to confirm the election results. Instead they have been fighting tooth and nail to prevent any serious review of the voting procedures. Of course in 2018 the New York Times demonstrated that electronic voting machines are easily hacked:

Polls show bipartisan support for voter ID requirements, yet the very first bill that House Democrats passed was a federal mandate to prevent state ID laws.

Democracy is doomed if there unless we restore confidence in the election process.


Stream of propaganda consciousness?

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Lol “enhance security”. Suuuuure.

Lol in Arizona they’re using UV lights on ballots looking for the watermarks that ■■■■■■■ QAnon said was there.

That’s where y’all at as a party.


We live in a democratic republic.

Democratic process is how we elect our representatives.

You’re welcome.

Why does this not surprise me.

Only Qanon? There were on other sources saying the same?


The watermark thing was a big Qanon. It was part of the five dimensional chess that Trump was playing to expose voter fraud.

…and ooooooooops…there it is. What’s going on in Arizona is paramount to the sanctity of our elections. If it exposes that there was no fraud, “we” win. If it exposes fraud, “we” win and it opens the door for this to then take place in other states.

Correct, we live in a Republic, not a Democracy, where no one will be voting to force you to drink Hemlock anytime soon. Good job. :+1:

I quess you hit a nerve


Never fails when someone points out that we’re not a Democracy. lol


And what process do we use to elect our officials?

The democratic process.

Hence, we are a democratic republic.

It is a stupid argument by partisans.

Yes, a Republic. Good observation. lol

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No mater how many times you type that, it does not change the facts.

Damn the facts and believe what you want…seems to be the pattern with righties as of late.

Mirror, reflect thyself. :rofl:

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The ever present cry for mob rule, where the most common denominator holds sway.