The Good and Bad Economy?

I’m just curious, but if the Economy keeps getting better and better under President Trump,
and the Conservatives, how many years longer will the Democrats keep saying that
it was only because of Obama, and the Dems(and take credit for it)? 4 years?
2 full terms of 8 years? lol.

The democrats won’t give Trump credit.
However, over the weekend, I was shopping at a suburban “mom and pop” store. I often shop there, and noticed it was pretty crowded. At the counter, one of the owners was chatting with a customer who was also a small business owner in the next town. The customer noted how crowded the store was and the owner said, “It’ been booming, man. The Trump economy.” The customer said, “You got that right”, said it was the same at his business, and his only problem had been finding enough help, everyone he knew was hiring.

At a point Trump does get credit. Though his numbers have been on par with Obama. Trump also got a $1.5T tax cut that exploded the deficit during full employment.

So pretty typical of the GOP to act irresponsibly with the nations finances.

But sure - Trump gets credit for continuing to do what Obama did as well.

When you borrow from the future to consume in the present, you can have a great old time partying with your children’s money.

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We’ve been doing that for at least the last 40 years. Attempts to assign this behavior to one president or party is nothing but partisan finger-pointing. (But that’s where this thread is going to go. Count on that.)

Having said that, I fully agree with your assessment. And that economic approach will not end well. It cannot end well. I pity the president and party in power when the house of cards collapses. Personally, I expected Bush Sr. to be the one it happened to, so I hope nobody asks me when the house will collapse. I just shake my head at how this is going, and in my opinion, the longer it continues, the more violent will be the collapse.

It will be over the day the dollar ends its run as the world reserve currency. When that is? I don’t know, but it won’t matter who’s in power.

It’s such a pity that we had the chance to pay down the debt and actually have a fiscally conservative government, but cut taxes instead so we can party some more.

The Dems will try to take credit to infinity :roll_eyes:

Trump is as responsible for the economic situation in the first two years of his administration as Obama was in his first two years. Not at all. You do inherit situations, you know.

Once they have a chance to steer things, then they are responsible.