The Future of Our Glorious Party Is the -Cortez Woman


Funny how you dishonestly omitted the rest of my post to make your “point”


there are no guarantees in innovating.

but there have to be incentives to try


companies who compete for profit provide much of the innovation in these situations


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Some of the most incredible innovations by some of the greatest minds in history were made when there was no profit motive. Once that ground was broken and the heavy lifting done, the for-profit companies came in and stood on the shoulders of giants to iterate on those accomplishments. Of course profit is a huge motivator for innovation, but it’s not the only motivator and it’s not necessary in many cases. In fact, in some cases, it’s an inhibitor as with initial space exploration.

And then there’s the case that there is no reason for there to be profit for health insurance companies. They are rent-seekers. They provide no additional wealth to the economy. It is a perfect example for a government function.


No kidding. There’s no incentive in alleviating world hunger either. They by definition cannot afford it.


Why didn’t the Soviet union do these things?



Why dont we all sign up for your insurance and we’ll all pay 45 bucks


They went from a war torn nation with horses and dirt roads to a nuclear super power that put a man in space in less than 50 years.


And now it’s gone.


in some particular cases wartime necessity and such situations stand apart from the quest for profit sure. einstein’s insistence along with szilard that we develop an atomic bomb ahead of the german national socialist party was not for profit. the incentive was to beat madmen to it.

these extreme circumstances will not be the norm of course for healthcare.

if providers are paid the same no matter how good or not, you can bet it won’t be good or at least as good as it can be.

insurance like anything open to profit motive and the market will compete which will elevate the level of service.

money made in growing companies making owners, stakeholders and employees too richer does indeed grow wealth. even in insurance.


Thanks shock capitalism


I’ll buy that. Can the labor market become too competitive?


“world hunger” would be much less of an issue if world “governments” allowed their people the same opportunities to grow wealth and prosper as we do.


You only get it if you’re retired military. Its one of the benefits of serving that those who didn’t serve can’t just sign up for.

You also help pay for my monthly retirement check, so thanks for that too. :slight_smile:


What good are we doing now?


Yeah. They’d be alright if they plundered the world for 300 years and then pretended it was due to their obvious superiority.


It isn’t working.


And yet, we have better results with lower expenditures in several developed nations that mitigate profit. They must be unicorns.


I don’t care about the Soviet Union. It’s irrelevant to my argument.