The Future of Our Glorious Party Is the -Cortez Woman


True, but lack of profit kills a lot of innovation.


You guys are making the same mistake as the media did with Donald. Free promotion and press for Sanders/Cortez will give them more exposure and momentum.


You mean it’s free like every promise made by lying dem radical socialists. Free this. Free that? Lab coats jes out to be altruistic…but it’s all fine bekez they get a free $500 check from the gubment each month?

Wake up!


You could make that case, but it wouldn’t likely be based in reality when looking at empirical examples to the contrary like Netherlands, Germany, Japan, UK, Switzerland, Sweden, France, etc.


Do you consider the defense industry innovative? Who is their customer?


How many cardiac or brain surgeons get reimbursed by medicare?


Yeah, the reason NASA doesn’t have any smart people is because it’s not for profit.


In the Netherlands, the average pay for specialists is higher than the average pay for specialists in the US.


What has this sack of apples to do with pill pusher innovation? The defense R/D complex has virtually unlimited dough from tax payers.

Should we go to socialized medicine even those guy will be sucking air. It’s a brain drain killer. Talk talks. Money walks. And last time I checked money ain’t free.


My my my. Who are you trying to convince? You or me. Assuming you speak truth…so what? It’s a matter of monetary allocation. They don’t have to spend a sizeable chunk of their palsy GDP on defense, fer instance.

We could move 1/10th of our weapons research funds to medical giveaways and outdo 'em 8x. But then…the Netherberries would have to pour more of their dough into self defense. Get real. Can’t wish your way out of reality.


That’s why we never split the atom, landed on the moon, created microships, created the internet, or landed on a ■■■■■■■ comet.


This is a non-sequitur. What they spend on defense is irrelevant. They spend $5,800 per capita on healthcare expenditures. We spend over $10,000 per capita. They spend almost half of what we do. By adopting their system, we could actually spend more on defense…or you know, put more money in people’s pockets instead of rent-seeking private insurance companies.


Can’t help the helpless. I tried. My bad.


This woman really has Trump followers freaking out. Interesting.


They aren’t allocating the money they don’t spend on defense to spend more on healthcare expenditures. They spend less money on healthcare per capita than we do. Your logic is faulty. They achieve better results than we do with while spending less money.


Trump followers don’t freak. They stand agog, mouth open in disbelief at goofy juvenile delinquent radical dem shenanigans sometimes…but they don’t freak. Try again.


Those farmers are definitely about to pick up that check.


Taxpayer money… hmmmm… kind of like socialism…

Has the defense industry suffered a brain drain? Our poor soldiers…


Right? One representative out of 435 and socialism is at our doors… She hasn’t even been elected yet…


I am still pushing to have it labeled Temporary Assistance to Needy Farmers and make them pick the check up at the TANF office… :joy: