The Future of Our Glorious Party Is the -Cortez Woman


She is basically in favor of Scandinavian style public goods taking place of where the free market fails to provide for everyone.

It really isn’t that radical.


As I stated you can not “SQUARE” Chile with the USA 2 completely different countries. Which are not similar in population or diversity in country.
Also Chile was under Military Rule for a while.

You are trying to make a comparison on Chile yet telling me we can’t compare Venezuela
So i say your Comparison is equally Stupid.


Be specific on what Scandinavian country? And also again your comparing countries that you can not COMPARE to the USA. You cry when i compared failing country.
But Scandinavian style Socialism will not work in the USA.
The USA as i said has to find a way to work it on its own. The populations are not the same period.


Okay… shall we go to life expectancy results for other OECD countries and show how much worse our results are?

Using Chile as an example shows that even third world countries can have a better outcome than the mess that the US currently operates under.

That’s all.


I fail to see why the US is such a special case that a Scandinavian style system wouldn’t work.

We are the wealthiest country to ever exist in he history of humanity.

Yet the system of wealth concentration that we have and selling off of the commons has created a situation where we are quickly becoming a very rich poor nation.


Why would they be?


From the old boards OT3.0 is Spinach and BAC is Alfred Newman. Hope that helps. :slight_smile:


I only play about $45 a month for my health insurance, so I would be out of pocket a good bit in higher taxes with single payer. I’d be very much willing to pay it though, because its the right thing for the country.


you really wanna throw around the word socialist while Donny just gave farmers 12 billion in government handouts?


Amazingly cheap. Who pays the rest? And how much is it?


You pay the rest. I’m retired Army and have Tricare for Life.


For performing a valuable service.


And being told by idiots that Oh we can’t afford to pay for it, yet we spend more than every other major country in the world combined. Hell our national guard budget is bigger than most other countries alone.


I meant to say more on Military


I have really good health insurance through my Union. I only have to work 400 hours every six months to qualify and pay $300 a year to cover my wife.

But… it ties me to NYC until retirement and I can never ever lose coverage because my wife is a cancer survivor.

It’s a trade off… I guess?


You hit the nail on the head. We have our pill profiteers…No doubt about that. BUT… medical innovation doesn’t come from socialized medicine countries just trying to survive. It comes from the good old USA. That takes jack.


Ya cant tell the players without a scorecard.



Sorry but innovation doesn’t come from only the profit motive.


I know.


How many government paid employees make what a cardiac or brain surgeon makes? What would the taxpayers say about paying such high salaries?