The Future of Our Glorious Party Is the -Cortez Woman


Seems to me all you hardcore socialist out here aren’t wanted in your party.

Time for you to start your own party with Bernie and Cortez.


Don’t know where you are coming from. My kids received exactly nothing(subsidized) for college except from me.


Bernie is not a Democrat.

Cortez is a great candidate for her district. There is no need for her to start her own party, as she will be easily elected as a Democrat - the party in which she is a member.

Only Trumplicans believe candidates like Cortez are taking over the party.


They don’t administer the health care. They pay for it.

Just like insurance.


Because it’s unsustainable. HC costs keep rising as more and more americans can’t afford insurance because lower level wages aren’t keeping up with inflation.


And “Just like insurance” they will be able to deny payment on necessary procedures. I’ve already seen it happen with current government run healthcare programs.


Right - so, it will be no worse in that respect than the system we have now, which allows insurance companies to deny payment on necessary procedures.

(But actually the evidence is, MC does this much less frequently than for profit HI companies do.)


Anyone else catch this one?

Ocasio-Cortez launched a broadside against the older Democratic establishment saying, “We don’t have a party that has been investing in their future,” noting that the average age of a congressional Democrat is 65. Ocasio-Cortez lamented that national dems are too busy “working on their own reelection” to make an “investment” in future party leadership. She said that national Democrats are stuck in “90’s politics.”

“They were campaigning most when we had more of an American middle class,” Ocasio-Cortez said, “This upper middle class is probably more moderate but that upper middle class does not exist anymore in America.”

Ocasio-Cortez blames de-regulation of Wall Street and rising income inequality for destroying the upper middle class.

The only problem is that the middle class is actually growing , according to CNN.

Some seriously disillusioned wishful thinking there.

Why are people against too much and too rapid immigration? This type of misguided thinking for one…and she has a big platform now.


Bull ■■■■.

When the jobs being created are at the level of burger flipper that’s not surprising. Why don’t we as a society figure out how to create valuable, rewarding, high paying jobs?


No better either. So no reason to ■■■■ with it.


The outlook for the midterms must be seriously bleak if the best you have to demonize Democrats is a twentysomething bartender who’s going to win a solidly blue seat in the overwhelmingly liberal Bronx. And the House too, not even a senator!


Maybe you can explain why this twentysomething bartenter who is going to win a solidly blue seat is constantly getting media interviews, although only with friendly sources.

She’s the left’s version of Sarah Palin.


The Latest News from the -Cortez Woman

Alexandria Occasional-Cortez won’t debate Ben Shapiro: ‘Just like catcalling,’ I don’t have to respond nah nah nee boo boo on you…

Up with -Cortez!!


Well stated Mz Cortez. Or at least as well stated as I would expect from any other lib.


Don’t blame her there. Shapiro is a chipmunk on coke


Lucky for Ben that she turned him down. the show would be unwatchable.


Oh but I DO blame her Mx. Mainyu. That said, your characterization of Shapiro is spot on.


She has been on the national political stage for a month and Pelosi isn’t going to last forever.

They need someone new to demonize.


Why would she want to “debate” Ben Shapiro? What use would she get out of it?


Give her a couple of years… especially in Congress.

She will probably learn and be real polished.

Remember… she has been in the National spotlight for like a month.