The flawed notion of a so-called "living wage" and the main reason why, and why government can't fix this

How often do we hear about the Bernie Sanders of the world cry and cry about this so-called living wage. For a while the cry used to be largely in the range of $15/hour, which many here argued was very flawed. In a state like NJ for example, if you wish to live a comfortable middleclass lifestyle - house, two kids, etc. - you are looking at a combined salary in the $200,000 range! The hardcore reality is that it comes down to COST OF LIVING, with the largest cost being a home:

With those numbers crunched around not putting more than 43% of one’s income toward housing, one would need to bring in $117,100 in total household income in order to afford the monthly payment that will add up to around $3,000 with taxes and insurance.

The $117,100 number is also averaged across the country while the required salary rises significantly if one needs to live close to any major city. The San Jose-Santa Clara part of California topped the list of most expensive major cities with a $454,000 salary required to afford a median $1.6 million home.

Although the article does note that the amount of one’s salary that goes towards housing should not be more than 30% of one’s income, which brings us to a salary of $168,000, which comes out to almost $90/hour or $45/hour for two people together.

So exactly what would it take for government to achieve such a goal?

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Don’t wages require labor?

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I do believe that the Left is split on this? I think some do believe that individuals should have to work, whereas I believe that that there are others whom believe the fact of just existence justifies one to receive a so-called living wage.


Maybe they should change the name. “Living Hand Out”?


The goal is impossible.

The only way to say, put everyone in a home, would be to build massive amounts of “socialized homes” like was done by the USSR under Khrushchev.

And that had a million tons of its own problems. The homes (apartments really) were very small. Many facilities had to be shared between families. Privacy was basically nonexistent.

Their design was extremely basic although in the end they became so common that they created a unique design language in their own right. Today they serve as the demarcation point between modern post Soviet construction and the era of Soviet socialized housing, commonly seen across Eastern Europe, Ukraine, Russia, and other former Soviet nations.

If a living wage was going to be attempted, it could not be nationally.

It would need to be done on a state by state basis.


Any “living wage” that remedies the economic problem that the dumb ass who suggested this thinks they’ve fixed today, actually just drove the prices up on EVERYTHING…causing inflation that just kicked this problematic can down the road that will again repeat itself tomorrow. What is the root cause of the problem? Are you ready? As a child, they were not prepared for adulthood by the adults in their lives. That’s the problem. These kids aren’t educated. Could it be that the stupidity of substituting math, spelling, science, reading, history for learning about a zillion genders is one of the actual problems? Just for the record, that was a rhetorical question. The answer is yes.

Remember the story of the 3 little pigs? If you build your house of education out of straw, the big bad wolf of life will blow it down and a “living wage” will not fix that. Stop treating the symptoms like a chicken ■■■■ and address the actual problem and that’s in our educational system.

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