The first annual FBI street-combat competition

Will the FBI award prizes for the most effective street thugs?

Will there be a special category for FBI informants and operatives?

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Caution to the Patriots that are going there.

The FBI is watching and won’t bother with Auntie Fah.

You need to be clandestine.

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They aren’t Patriots.

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Anti Auntie Fah then.

Funny that Patriots triggered a response.

Works for our Auntie groups.

Twittering up a mob isn’t going to work.

Antifa also sucks.

The Proud Boys are not patriots.

The assumption should be that FBI informants have thoroughly infiltrated Antifa and any opposing groups. In the case of Antifa, it has all the characteristics of an FBI-sanctioned terror organization.

In the case of the opposition, the FBI is doing its best to instigate violence with purpose of framing the naïve and gullible. The assumption should be that leaders most active in promoting illegal violence or conspiracies are FBI informants put there for than purpose. Any electronic communication is going to the NSA and FBI.

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The Whitmer kidnap plot eviscerated FBI credibility.

Revelations relate the Capitol protest are pointing to the same thing.

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Lol referring to a bunch of Chads there to fistfight as Patriots with a capital P. Trump broke y’all.


It’s funny that no one seems to realize that all this lets guys between 13-27 get into fistfights, which is what the real point is. There’s basically nowhere else you can do it anymore.

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Washington State has Mutual Combat laws.

Wait what?