The FBI Is In Disarray

Comey downplayed the role of Steele’s information in obtaining the FISA warrant against Page, claiming Sunday that it was “not a huge part of the presentation to the court,” just part of the information included in the warrant application.

He insisted that he and Horowitz “weren’t saying different things” about Steele’s significance, but host Chris Wallace then read Horowitz’s words, which said Steele’s information “played a central and essential role” in establishing probable cause.

Comey said he did not “see the disconnect” between his stance and Horowitz’s, even though he recognized that Steele’s reporting “was the one that convinced the lawyers” to move forward.

When Wallace accused him of minimizing the relevance of Steele’s information, Comey said, “if I was then I’m sorry that I did that.”

Is Jimmy coming unraveled? I hope he keeps going on these shows, we may eventually get to the truth.

This is the bureaucracy of petty tyrants in action. Above the law.

I told you Comey is incompetent. His sin was trusting Strzok.

Strzok is a bad, bad guy.

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He’s looking pretty rustled, that’s for sure.


McCabe too. Not buying Comey’s boy scout act. There is no way an investigation involving multiple members of a Presidential political campaign was happening without his and the AG’s involvement. There is no way Obama himself was not at least aware of it and kept abreast of major developments.

final judgement on the facts will have to wait for durham.


Seems to me like the final judgement on the facts will come in November by the rest of us.

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The damage Strzok did is being underestimated. Much worse than a spy.

Horowitz said the dossier was key to establishing “probable cause” (he meant “reasonable suspicion”), that the bias got “murky” during the investigation (but was not an issue on initiating it) - and yet libs thinks it’s a vindication?

Even with the contradictions, it’s still clearly not.


Your convictions are tainted.

A small group of Obama appointees and a few select agents did the dirty work in the FISA abuse and surveillance of the Trump campaign. Fortunately most of them have left the agency, so I doubt that the FBI is in disarray.

Hopefully John Durham’s criminal investigation will resolve the lingering questions.

For reference here is a list of FBI departures since Trump took office; I doubt they are all directly related to the FISA abuse / surveillance:

  1. James Comey, director (fired)
  2. Andrew McCabe, deputy director (fired)
  3. Peter Strzok, counterintelligence expert (fired)
  4. Lisa Page, attorney (demoted; resigned)
  5. James Rybicki, chief of staff (resigned)
  6. James Baker, general counsel (resigned)
  7. Mike Kortan, assistant director for public affairs (resigned)
  8. Josh Campbell, special assistant to James Comey (resigned)
  9. James Turgal, executive assistant director (resigned)
  10. Greg Bower, assistant director for office of congressional affairs (resigned)
  11. Michael Steinbach, executive assistant director (resigned)
  12. John Giacalone, executive assistant director (resigned)
    Strzok Joins List of 25 Top FBI, DOJ Officials Who Have Been Recently Fired, Demoted, or Resigned

Is that draining the swamp?

Strzok and Page are on their way back.

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Nah…its fine

So what about it libs, looking at list, another campaign promise kept? I’d like to see a like list from State.

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Come on libs!

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You got him now! :joy:

That list is almost as long as Trumps comms directors.

Who are not bureaucrats. The most they would have lasted was 8. Strzok was there 22.

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The FBI is still in disarray?? Comey was fired as FBI Director over 2 1/2 years ago.

Yes Chris. Still in disarray. And being investigated.

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I’m starting to think you’re correct about Comey, he doesn’t seem all that bright…and how did he become the director of FBI?

Oh wait I think I know.

As for Strzok…he’s the type of person I would walk away from. His persona sends all kinds of warning signs.

Either way…FBI is screwed IMO unless justice gets served. They cannot walk away from this and pretend it never happen.

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Hey Ben, long time no see.

Christopher Wray isn’t giving anyone any confidence either…if anything he has deepen the suspicion IMO.

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But I thought Trump only hired the best. Comey has been gone from the FBI for over 2 years. At what point does the current administration start to be held accountable by Trump supporters.

Oh let me guess, Wray is part of the deep state. Trump must Be a ■■■■■■■ idiot to keep putting deep state operatives into positions of power.

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