The false notion that political ideology represents TRUTH

I’m not at all arguing that.

But your OP argues that political ideology is “The Truth” writ large.

Maybe that is the way you see it, which is weird, because you are simultaneously inveighing against it.

But I don’t support the politicians and policies that I do because they are THE TRUTH, I simply think that they are the better way to run the railroad.

The key statement being “how society should work,” which are ideological views in which the proponents of such views believe them to be true.


No it doesn’t. The thread title says “The false notion that political ideology represents TRUTH.” Onee point being that we have biases and predispositions that have been shaped in our minds via potentially a variety of factors. Another point being that being that people hold on strongly and passionatly to such views as though they do represent TRUTH.

I’m not stating that represents you or am I targeting anyone here specifically but it does represent the philosophical conditions of many people.

Politics is the clash of opinions regarding the distribution of power in a society and who has control of which aspects of community life. It’s not intrinsically a search for truth but a quest for power. That’s why telling deliberate lies is seen by many in politics as a perfectly reasonable and valid political strategy.

Not everyone views it as such especially those on the Left. As far as I can tell they believe that Democrat politicians are not at all interested in power but are actually benevolent and selfless people whose only concern is the betterment of society.

By better do you simply mean how that position makes you feel? Or that it corresponds to reality in a superior way? Let’s take the politcal view that children need to learn about CRT, White Privilege, Tulsa, etc. How do you feel about that? What if I’m strongly opposed to that? Do you see me as hopelessly misguided?

Sorry, but I edited to add the last sentence after you had started responding.

What you say is true of some who are not in politics but who vote. But those in politics know that lying is regarded by many in the game as a legitimate tool to use to achieve the goal, which is not to express truth but to exercise power.

No they aren’t.

They are tribal stories for social cohesion.

You just demonstrated absolute truth that you exist. I rest my case. :vulcan_salute: :sunglasses:

Maybe. But when I identify as a “Democrat”, you can make a fair guess regarding what issues are important to me, and how I think problems should be solved.

Maybe ideology is the wrong word; I am just engaging the OP.

See, I don’t think you are interested in an honest discussion here. I think that you think you have found a clever way to rehash the same old arguments.

Rehash what argument? I’m not looking to debate any particular postion, which is why I’ve provided different examples like abortion, CRT, and family values. I could make a similar argument regarding supply side economics and other topics as well. Also you are centralizing this to yourself. I’m discussing the current political landscape in general. It’s like you think I’m specifically going after you.

Do you not acknowledge that there are many people who are very passionate about their political ideological views? If yes, why so? Is it because they believe their views as true?

When I asked you what is it we do on this forum and why, what I expected you to say was - debate because we believe our perspective is true. Now that doesn’t mean that everyone is very passionate about every political position. Personally I’m not passionately opposed to universal Healthcare, nor am I passionately opposed to higher marginal tax rates, and other positions as well. On the other hand I am passionately opposed to the teaching of CRT, White Privilege, etc. because I see it as racist and of no benefit to society. I hold my viewpoint on that to be true.

The left,has no more liars than the right.

Every party in it for power, nothing more, nothing less.

Hence the lies on both sides.