The false notion that all or most of these migrants will benefit us economically. Related question, what must one pay in taxes to support themselves and their family?

It’s very clear that when it comes to what’s happening at the border those of us on the “right” and the “left” see things very differently. Those of us on the Right see the world’s poverty and problems flooding into the country and a group of people who will largely be an economic detriment to US taxpayer. While those on the Left view it as one of the keys to economic prosperity. How often do we hear that their here to contribute, their here to produce, they pay more in taxes than most Americans, or even if we have to “invest” in them for a few years they will be tax flow positive shortly after. I was told that what’s happening at the border is one of the things that make America one of the best places to live.

So who’s right? Is it really the case that someone coming from another country living in extreme poverty, with little to no education or marketable skills, and doesn’t speak English will produce enough tax revenue to support themselves and their family?

This prompted me to ask the question, what must one pay in tax revenue to cover the “free stuff” provided by the “government” for themselves and their family? So exactly what are all the publicly funded costs for a person/family? Off of the top of my head there’s the following: Education, Healthcare, Social Security, Housing, Meals, Disability, Unemployment, etc? (If I’m missing something please feel free to include it. Also note I’m not claiming everyone will get this at all times.)

Let’s just consider education and healthcare (I’ll use NJ’s numbers since that’s what I’m familiar with). So imagine a migrant family comes across the border illegally or claiming asylum and has 4 children. In NJ, on average it costs over $20,000/year for most students and potentially over $30,000/year for children of people here illegally or with real or phony asylum claims. For healthcare I’ll just assume the average American cost of $10,000/year. Taking into account that there will be other things they will qualify for as well, you could potentially be looking at a $180,000 yearly public cost for this family of four. Then assuming on average about 12 years at this level the public cost would be over $2,000,000. So assuming the father is the primary bread winner he would have to pay $50,000/year, if he worked for 40 years, in taxes to cover those costs! A person here illegally or any type of asylum seeker would be lucky if their yearly salary was $50,000/year. Now when you add things like Social Security, Medicare, etc., then you could be looking at another 1 million dollars or more in “free stuff”. Now that doesn’t even factor in things like chain migration from which my understanding is that elderly family members would qualify for “free stuff” as well.

The other fallacy assumed by many on the left regarding this as well is this idea we have an unlimited number of jobs for people with little to no education, marketable skills and who don’t speak English. At the pace that we are going on the border one could make the case that there could be additional 4 million people in the country by the end of this year. Then in four years, what another 15-20 million? Exactly how many of these “low-skilled” jobs are out there and/or being produced? I just don’t see exactly how this mass of humanity is going to get anywhere near the quality of work to genuinely support themselves and their families?

Is it fair to say that there’s actually broad agreement on this?

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