The Fake Hollywood, and Radical Liberal Democratic politicians

How many movies in Hollywood, have been about North Korea, or Russia, or some other country’s(in the past) that the Democrats preach about now, for collusion between Trump, and Conservatives being with, before Trump got into office? I wasn’t sure what category to put this in?

Crying again I see.

Nobody expected Donald Trump to watch The Interview and think that was the way to actually address the issue.

That being what it is, I will allow for the idea that someone is honeydicking him…

Note to mods: its a line from the movie. If it fails both the filter and propriety, let me know and I’ll pull it, but please don’t just slap a ban on me…its just humor.

You flood this site. Two can play at that game! What are you ganna do? try and discredit me?
Owe no, please don’t! Especially when most of the liberal media in America is always 100 percent honest! lol. lmao! Especially thee Radical Democratic Politicians, that will always tell thee American people the truth, no matter what! Just like thee Clintons do! lol.

I’m sooooooooo afraid right now! You don’t eve know!???

It’s ok to slap a ban on morons like this in general. lmao.
I don’t have a gf, and I’m a sapiosexual. So this is the most fun I’ve had in a long time!!!
All that Sapiosexual means, is that I’m attracted towards intelligence, or thee human mind.
Of course I find it more fun intellectually personally to toy with thee Democrats on here, than find them intellectual myself. lol.

Actually, a really good movie about what I’m talking about, that I’m watching right now is called;
Olympus Has Fallen. The main characters are; Gerard Butler, Rick Yune, Aaron Eckhart,
and Morgan Freeman. It’s about an American president trying to make peace with the North Korean President, and they only attack the white house. Hmmm, I wonder how they came up with this? Of course any movie now adays that doesn’t have either Morgan Freeman or Samuel Jackson in it is probably racist, at least to me. lol. Of course now adays Americans are always racist, simply because at least one black man dies in every movie. Right?


How much have you had to drink today?

Um…no, in that movie the President was not, in fact, reaching out to North Korea to tey and make peace…but nice try.