The Fairfax conundrum


Oh but I do believe you dems are doing it. “We have more integrity than you.” is a classic example.


What is moral about ruining a person with unproven allegations?



But first. Think about being the father of either of these girls. Now tell me how you would make that distinction about the vaaaast difference between the two incidents.

“It could have been worse…” is a lame, lame argument.


The fact you think they’re unproven is adoooooorable.


So they’ve been proven definitively?


I agree, but with Trump in office and celebrated by his base, the Republican Party’s integrity on issues of personal morality and standards of ethics with elected officials is completely in the gas station toilet.


Of course they are unproven.


Who is celebrating Trump’s integrity?

The democratics are exactly the same.


If you don’t, you could definitely improve your discernment as a father.


That distinction could make a difference in my response to the accused. There would be no distinction in my treatment of my daughter (were she a victim).


I guess the “gotcha” political hacks will ignore Fairfax calling for the FBI to investigate this unlike what Kavanaugh wanted


Are the accusers liars?


Dont know but thats why we have investigations


You believed Ford.


I believed something happen to her… Your point?


You don’t believe these accusers?


What part of… Lets see what the investigations uncover… You dont understand


The FBI investigated Kavanaugh at least 8 times.


So reserve judgment now. Gotcha.


Please post where i said Kavanuagh was automstically guilty… Thanks