The Fairfax conundrum


I solved the problem by being consistent with my Kavanaugh stand.

I take others opinions into consideration, but I don’t wait for them to decide what I think.


That’s not true at all.


Ridiculous virtue signaling.


No…more like the inconsistent comparison of a kid allegedly rubbing a girl’s breast through two layers of clothing to a grown man allegedly forcing a woman to give you oral sex. If you consider these two actions as even remotely the same, there’s nothing more to talk about because that’s a waste of time.


Im curious as to how one forces someone to give oral sex. Youd have to be a very brave soul to trust a set of teeth around your genitalia thats being forced to be there.


There’ some merit to that or maybe…the threat of violence was enough to thwart that idea?


You don’t really believe that.


Vapid sloganeering.


I dont seem to to recall any testimoney about threats of violence.


You asked how and I provided a possible answer. What’s the truth, I do not know. It’s my understanding that the alleged victim is not going to press this any further anyways.


I would have thought extortion or blackmail would be a more plausible scenario.


Says Who?

Of course I do.


Happens all the time in prison.


If you prefer. I can agree to that.





“Didn’t get a full airing!” Are you kidding. The left aired them IN FRONT OF HIS CHILDREN" - you

That’s how I know you don’t believe in Virtue Signaling. Because you wouldn’t be wringing your hands and all a flutter about his poor, widdle children. It’s okay if kids learn their dad is scum. Better sooner than later.


Same with Fairfax?


Of course. I’ve not once defended anyone in this thread. All the scum need to go.

The blackface scum too. Regardless of party. I was bummed when Franken had to go intellectually but it was the right thing morally and I don’t know anyone personally who defended him. If people did on this board, they shouldn’t have.


Integrity is a personal trait, not a partisan one.


Except he is not scum just because you and Ford say so. Prove it or stop making unfounded allegations.

That is a pathetic post.