The Failing State

This society in which we live does not immiserate the workers but helps them to build a better life.

Over and over.


Think harder Spider-Man.

Country will thrive when our workers are happy. Good pay, god treatment, life balance. Not forced to stay in bad job.

Based on what?

…and once again, you prove yourself to be a small thinker in solving problems. I hope you’re better than this in real life? You see…I have surrounded myself with some of the very best in my business but to do so, they had to be compensated for their excellence. There’s an ole saying that you should listen to that applies right now; you get what you pay for.

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Come on man.

Do we really need data or study to back this up?

I hope you are not suggesting the opposite that making life miserable for workers is good for the country.

I’m asking you what you base that claim on.

You are agreeing with him. Good pay = good workers.

Get a grip. You aren’t even close…

Recruiting has been trending down over the past decade due to a number of reasons. I think it will get even worse although not specifically because of the vaccine mandate.

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Part of not just this failing state, it’s all over the world.

The Fabian Society dream, burn it all down to create it all the way you want it, no matter the cost, no matter how much suffering, no matter how much death, no matter how much destruction.

Covid is the key to the goal, not lettering a good crisis go to waste…