The face of fascism

The libs are dealing with a serious fascism problem. Whether it be the rise of anti Semitism, The Kristallnacht tactics of Antifa, the shouting down and shutting down free speech on campus or the random attempted murder of police. Then there’s this nit wit who tried run down people registering voters. Just look at this goofball. Libs have a growing issue that they seem to be ignoring.

Member of the Antifa Youth? :thinking:

People using violence to achieve their political agenda, all while calling that side “fascist”. The irony would be funny…if people weren’t actually being killed and hurt?


Hmm wasn’t it about two years ago …A White Supremecist Trump voter ran down a bunch of people at a Rally in Charlottesville? Would you suggest that this guy, James Fields was the face of Trumpism? Conservatism? The Republican Party?

No? then why is Gregory Timm the problem of liberals. I think both men…regardless of their ideology are showing more of a societal problem that violence solves problems. We as a society are becoming more and more violent. It’s not a political ideology issue…It is a HATE ISSUE. Some people don’t realize that someone’s different political ideology is no reason to hate them and want to hurt them. Threads like this do nothing but further the hate.

It is the wrong message to send that this is the fault of liberalism…just like it was wrong to say that Fields was the fault of Trump.


Let’s take a beat here before we conclude this was an act of political terrorism. Does the accused have a history of posting angry political threats or does he have a history of DWIs?

We don’t know yet. If this was politically motivated then it should be universally condemned, but better to first find out what is going on.

Since when have we waited to find out what actually happened first?

Where’s the fun in that?

Why did you label him a Trump supporter? The only thing I can find is that he supported white supremacy. This guy’s mother called the police on him for acts of violence against her, multiple times. His father was killed by a drunk driver before he was born. The army kicked him out too. He had serious mental problems that are well documented. This doesn’t have anything to do with Trump.


When I read about the Charlottesville thing. It said that he proclaimed himself to be a supporter of Trump when he was a Sr. in High School and that he told his mother he was was going to a Trump Rally rather than the Whit Supremacy rally. And as such she thought he was going to see a Trump Rally. He was a trump supporter, and the larger point of my post was to ask was he the face of Trumpism, Conservatism, or the Republican Party? Maybe you want to answer that?

His mother told a reporter that she thought he may be going to a Trump rally but didn’t know. Why create scenarios that aren’t proven? I am a conservative Trump supporter so if you’d like to use me as your example…that’s fine. What does it pay? :sunglasses:


Don’t hold your breath.

According to Weimer, Fields “left school for a while” and became quieter about politics when he came back, until his senior year, when the candidates for the 2016 presidential election were declared. Weimer said that Fields supported Donald Trump because of what he perceived were Trump’s racial views. According to Weimer, Fields supported Trump’s Mexico border proposal. Weimer said that Fields “admired” the Confederate States of America for their military, though they “never spoke about slavery.”[9] Weimer said that "the constant presence of the Confederate flag was an ongoing issue

This was according to the Wiki Article regarding the incident. Where his teacher talked about him being a Trump supporter and that he talked about supporting Trump in class.

Invoking Godwin and broadbrushing liberals in one go? Well played.

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You should be ashamed of yourself for downplaying what Kristallnacht was in an effort to score cheap political points.

What Antifa does is wrong…but it doesn’t rise to the level of a government pogrom.

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Never let the facts get in the way of a therapeutic round of demonizing the opposition.


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good people on both sides.

There it is :roll_eyes: always bringing up Charlottesville where ANTIFA is to blame for any and all the violence & death that happened there along with the malfeasance of the liberal local authorities who allowed it. :angry:


Antifa made that man drive his car into a crowd of people…


They also made men with tiki torches walk around Charlottesville chanting blood & soil…

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Good lordt!

What’s that?