The "expertise" of those wanting to ban various firearms

I came across this again today and was reminded that this is about the average level of intellect and firearms knowledge of those promoting gun bans and who actually get to introduce and pass legislation to that effect.

Isn’t it kind of ridiculous to expect people against assault rifles to be experts on them? They don’t like guns, so obviously some will be unfamiliar with them. It’s like expecting an anti-homosexual preacher to be an expert on gay porn. Oh wait…

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I don’t see anyone demanding they be experts but they’d at least have some credibility if they could demonstrate a working knowledge of the guns they want to ban.

Of course, that would limit the laugh factor significantly.

Yeah, politicians speaking in public should be better prepared in their speeches. But don’t expect ordinary people upset about gun violence to be experts.

I don’t expect them to be experts but if they are going to get their panties all knotted up they ought to at least educate themselves on the subject.

Between the lies of the democrats and their media cohorts the average American hasn’t got a clue on the subject, just the lies they have been fed for three decades and constantly reinforced in the press.

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A .30 caliber clip…

Disperses 30 bullets within half a second…

a ThIrTy MaGaZiNe cLiP iN 3o SeCoNdS!!!

Is it too much to ask that these freaks at least learn the basic terms they’re trying to scare people with?

Maybe then we can talk about the difference between being ignorant about guns, and flat out lying through one’s plastic face about them. :rofl:

My favorite:

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Reminds me of y’all in climate change threads.


You Take those people seriously?

The firearms experts in jersey have it right however.


Jersey has nothing right.:grin:

Jersey is a cesspool, and chemical/garbage dump for NYC.

Those are the predictable results.

Yes, people who believe that the Earth is 6000 years old lecturing about the environment.

I’ve heard that. I have no desire to go and check it out. Too far north east.

6,000 years is a hell of a lot longer than the 30-40 years the climate mongers keep panicking over.

I’ve been through and over it quite a few times, even spent a little time at Ft. Dix and flew in and out of there several times.

It smells worse than the “chemical coast” here in Texas and much of it looks like a trailer park after a bad storm. Most of the people are just typical yankee ■■■■■■■■■