The Evil that liberals do

With their obsession with destroying people by group. How is this possible in America? A cop commits a horrible crime and all cops are pronounced guilty. It doesn’t matter who they are. Black, white, Asian, Hispanic. All of them can rot in hell. Convicting a group for the actions of a few is pure evil. Hitler did the exact same thing. You woke folks who are doing this are no better than the people who convicted all Muslims after 911. You’re like a lynch mob. All of the cop shows are being removed from TV because you have decided to criminalize an entire profession. Even the kids show “Paw patrol” may be removed. What is wrong with you people? You need to get on your knees and beg forgiveness. Think for yourselves! Give up the groupthink and woke talking points. Until you do, you are no better than the Klan, white supremacist or the Taliban. You don’t have any moral authority. You suck!


Kind of like labeling ALL Democrats as Socialist???

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No. I’m not looking for excuses or moral equivalences. Nor am I looking for the subject to be changed. That’s a dirty trick to avoid accountability. This is specific to cops. What is your opinion of the topic. Please give it.

It’s not “a” cop.

And? Even some is no reason to demonize the innocent ones.

January 18, 2016, Mesa, Arizona

For less egregious examples, try any of the hours of video of cop watch, 1st Amendment audits and ID refusals

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You are trying to make this about individuals, it’s not. It is a systemic issue.


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Err no, I am not. I’m not the one out there blaming all cops or all police departments for the actions of a few. Our cops aren’t killing innocent people.

How few is a few?

The entire system needs reform.


It’s not “a few”. Rights are violated by practically all every day all over the country.

A very few, just how many unlawful shoots by cops do you think there are?


George Floyd wasn’t shot. His rights were violated.


Unlawfully killed then. Very rare.

Remains to be seen and has no bearing on how many have their rights violated. That’s an outcome. And the outcome is always, always determined by the police.

The problem is not that George Floyd died. The problem is his rights were violated by an agent of the state and a teenager recorded it. If it weren’t for the video…

This is some Grade-A prime ass hurt in the OP. I find it hysterical that label libs as evil while decrying broadbrushing. I certainly hope to see you swinging in to all the other “libzzzz izzzz baad” threads and chastising the OPs for their broad brushing.


You seriously want to compare an anonymous poster broadbrushing libs to elected officials demonizing cops and contributing to the irrational and false narrative that results in many of them getting killed?

The cops aren’t the problem. It’s the philosophy of policing.

If you actually listened to those who think differently from you rather than just acted judgmental and grouping people by stereotypes, you’d learn that.

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That’s ok, democrats will soon find out, cops are much more popular with most people in this country than they are.