The evidence against Trump is mounting!

If Trump were accused of withholding funds from Ukraine unless they falsified evidence against Biden, then I would agree he would have to go.
If there has been any evidence of such a thing I have missed it.
Accusing Trump of having a politically biased motive for wanting an investigation that included Biden is rather lame after three years of politically based investigations of Trump…followed by a politically based impeachment.
As to what really happened and why, and whether it was appropriate…I can see that as part of the debates for 2020.

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You mean “shifty” Schiff?

He’d fold like a wet towel in front of the Senate lawyers.

Stanford/Harvard Law grads aren’t smart enough to fool Donnie!

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I’ve been saying this for a while. They don’t really want Schiff to testify. Just like they didn’t really want the deposition transcripts to be public and they didn’t really want public testimony.

What would you like to see them ask Schiff?

Very fair argument. :wink:

I don’t think they want the WB to testify either. Or Joe Biden. Maybe, maybe Hunter because he has a sordid past. But all in all, I don’t believe they want any witnesses period.

@Kelby is being sarcastic here.

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I’m still crying…

with laughter…

There certainly might be evidence in documents and witnesses that Trump has blocked.
I believe the level of not cooperation is very telling. And now I hear that Senate Republicans are going to put up a fight to block documents and witnesses in the trial. I believe that deep down a lot of the Republicans on the hill know that Trump screwed up.

They don’t want anyone to testify. But the GOP Senate mutineers are gonna call for witnesses. So now people like Rand Paul are threatening to call a vote on everyone and the kitchen sink if the mutineers vote for Bolton. So ridiculous…

When it comes down to it, the cooler heads should realize that calling anyone like Hunter, the Whistleblower and Schiff will simply backfire and make their case worse. The best they can do is keep it to one or two more witnesses max. They can call Bolton an angry disgruntled ex-cabinet member. They can cal Parnas a liar. Mulvaney can lie or take the 5th. But they can’t afford to have Giuliani testify. That is one witness they just can’t have.

1st President of the United States impeached falsely for purely partisan political reasons.

Your opinion is duly noted. My notation is factual and will remain forever. It feels good knowing I didn’t vote for either the impeached Presidents in my lifetime.

You’d have to be really old to have voted for Andrew Johnson.

I think that would be a hoot.

Remember the Senators CAN’T SPEAK and have to submit their questions in writing. So a question gets asked and they have to sit there silently while an answer is given. No shouting down, no over speaking, not interruptions.

I think we would loose at least 3 Senators, maybe up to 5 with brain hemorrhages from the frustration of not being able to speak.


Yeah I really don’t think they have thought this through. They want to get back at the mutineering GOP senators who are open to calling Bolton and others by demanding “Trump witnesses.” Not a smart strategic play for them…but I say go for it!

I’m old, but not quite that old.

That would be Andrew Johnson.

while the points you present may be valid and worth discussion perhaps you should start a thread.

This OP is about the credibility of both sides.

That is the point of the OP as of now we have snippets of commentary not evidence and we have full on political trench warfare.