The evidence against Trump is mounting!

It is very difficult to ignore the new information being exposed about Trump. More and more reports present a damning indictment of corrupt Trump motives. Of course, if the evidence supports misdeeds whether major or minor, abuse of power should not be whitewashed.
In this sense it is troubling that anyone would object to calling witnesses.

Then again in all prosecuted cases the evidence is overwhelming if only the prosecution presents evidence.

There is no sense of context in snippet reports. Sound bite evidence may be hearsay or may be accurate but seldom are the edits objective.

The prosecution and the defense look at the same coin and on sees heads and the other sees tails.

Perhaps a Jedi manipulation of the force flipping the coin exists.

This is the question, one side says perfect. the other is convinced nobody has ever been so corrupt.

The prosecution has claimed irrefutable evidence for 3 years.

what if it is the prosecution that is corrupt.

The defense has been stopped from presenting evidence? When did that happpen?

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Trump should be impeached but he’s being impeached for the least serious of his offenses.

His betrayal of the Kurds was downright criminal.

Selling our soldiers to Saudi, also, just a few months after saying he was getting us out of the “forever war” that is the Middle East, which was his excuse for betraying our allies…

Then there’s the debacle of his trade war with China, which didn’t even touch the real issue - intellectual property.

President Donald Trump’s much-discussed phase one trade deal with China sets aside some of the economic uncertainty that has generated market volatility and depressed business investment, but trade experts say it falls far short of justifying a globally damaging trade war between the world’s two largest economies. What’s more, this resolution could mean higher costs for U.S. companies — and consumers.

While threatened tariffs on finished consumer goods such as clothes and electronics were avoided, the deal also reaffirmed the White House’s commitment to tariffs as an enforcement mechanism, leaving in place sanctions on $370 billion worth of Chinese imports for the foreseeable future.

This gives American buyers of those goods — primarily parts for items made in the U.S. — a greater degree of certainty in their input costs, albeit not in the direction they wanted. Trade analysts said this means companies facing higher input costs would probably begin passing those along to consumers in the form of higher prices, if they had not done so already.

“As tariffs become semi-permanent, Chinese producers and U.S. retailers will have even more reason to pass on price increases,” said Peter Petri, a professor of international finance at the Brandeis International Business School.

why dont you try not making it about the poster one of these days

boy, Who taught you well


when there is actual evidence then abuse of power should be addressed

but so far there is none

Our judicial system is not based on a coin toss and neither is the impeachment process. It is the sole responsibility of the prosecution to make a case in court and its the sole responsibility of the HOR to make a case for impeachment which they haven’t done and are demanding the Senate do their job for them. This is historic insanity and corruption by Democrat elected officials and the voters better take note of this when they go the polls.

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Hell im still waiting for a Trump supporter here to say that maybe, just a little tiny bit, Trump wasn’t doing maybe everything 100 percent ethically. But it’s just games of obfuscation, denial and links to conspiracy theories.


Libs care about ethics now?
But Hillary!
So what?

I’d actually far prefer “So what?” Because then at least they’d be honest.

Trump is so perfect… and cool… and manly.

The “new” information is coming from someone under indictment for false statements and falsifying documents, he’s like the new Avenatti in the leftist’s attempts to destroy President Trump and those who voted for him :roll_eyes: PATHETIC!

Why does the FBI flip anyone? I mean they’re all criminals. Who would believe em

[quote=“Roxiebelle, post:12, topic:225824, full:true”]

The “new” information is coming from someone under indictment for false statements and falsifying documents,
But enough about Trump

Not a problem.

Mitch has his back!


For my first witness, I call Adam Schiff.

That would be awesome. I hope they go that route.

during the house hearings, but the opinion piece did not state that the defense has been stopped from presenting evidence that is a Schiff move, reading something that is not there.

He’ll be there, what the heck.

After that, call that one janitor that looked at Trump funny, and maybe call Pelosi’s grandkids- cuz that would sure piss off the libz! And then subpoena Kenny Rogers- just for the grins!

And unlike the House inquiry where each member gets 5 minutes and can interrupt and talk over the witness, in the Senate they have to submit written questions to CJ Roberts, who then reads the questions, and the witness is allowed to provide a full answer however they see fit. Give Schiff more unfettered time and access to make the case against Trump*. Brilliant plan!!!

*3rd Impeached President of the United States