The Ever Changing Grammar of Politics

It fascinates me. Call it meme, trope… whatever. Words are the weapons of war on the battlefield of politics.

One that stands out to me now is:
Amplify, amplification - clearly can be used as a positive or a negative. Judging not only the original voice, but anyone who repeats it literally or interpreted. Usually implying the repeater has the bigger platform.

Any others?

Comprise has become a bad thing when its the very definition of politics

Not sure it fits your topic, but I keep seeing dimocrat operatives video chatting from home, and in several of their libraries is a book called Caste.

If you pay close attention you’ll notice that a caste system has become a new favored model for several big government libs.

Amplifying or signal-boosting isn’t a political thing, it’s a social media thing. Just a new way to say viral.

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Not really. Grammar, not books. Unless they are taking grammar from the book.

Structural racism is another. An adjustment from institutional racism. Those come from conflict race theory.

White privilege. Tieing the notion of privilege to skin color, when the fact is that the overwhelming majority of whites throughout America’s history have not had anything resembling actual privilege.

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A movement usurped by a chameleon-like New York liberal who duped millions buying into a political/societal/MLM, and grenaded the Republican party while his supporters cheered. Conservatism.