The European system of "free college" isn't what many here thinks it is

Here is another article supporting that:

“In most of those countries, the money for college is not given to the student; it is given directly to the institution. The system is heavily regulated. Which university one is admitted to is determined by scores on national exams. The same is true for which program one can get into. The government controls how many slots are available in each professional program at the graduate and post-graduate level. In some countries, many are allowed entry into the first year of college, but the number allowed to go on is much smaller and depends on how well a student does during that first year. In most of the advanced industrial countries, there are very few private institutions and they are widely regarded as inferior to the public ones. Because the government funds the institutions directly, it is in a much better position to control the costs by limiting access and to direct how the money is spent than is the United States government.”

Ok. And?

That won’t work here…cuz…in Liberobia…everyone gets a trophy…amirite? :sunglasses:


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: your society can’t do merit.


And “allowed”.

And the current crop of ideas like Bernie’s would likely end up being very similar once they started looking at the numbers. Another unrealistic campaign promise from another political candidate, it’s par for the course. Trump did it, Obama did it, Bush did it, Clinton did it and right on down the line.

Yeah, that’s why all colleges have a 100% acceptance rate.

You don’t live in reality.

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Dumb baby boomers gave trophies to everyone.

Yes, we call them democrats.


Yep…but the smart ones just shook their heads and told them it was a bad idea…just like I’m still doing. :sunglasses:

Ok, if you say so. I don’t think I’m the one with the reality problem.


Pretty sure it has more to do with the quality of life, but I know it’s more fun to take potshots at a “them”.

Isn’t it also true that in much of Western Europe, many students are not even recommended for a college preparatory course of study from an early age?

In Germany, a low cost college education is possible, but not totally free. Low birth rates in that country, and many students being tracked not to enter college, but to learn a trade, probably help make this possible.

It’s not you.

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I don’t think that’s true at all.

Those programs not only make it possible they make the entire education system work better for the country and overall economy.

That’s why they don’t end up with millions of over qualified burger flippers and people with useless degrees sitting at home unemployed.

They also don’t have to waste tens or hundreds of millions of dollars bringing freshmen up to grade level through remedial classes.

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No, it’s pretty simple the less diverse the population the less division there is and certainly the less cries of racism anytime you do something to improve things for all.

Can you imagine if just 33 percent were allowed to go to college in the US, and the amount of political fighting to determine which groups got to go? You would naturally have to be sure that any protected group was “fairly” represented.
It would be a massive issue.

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The first thing that would have to happen is to raise entrance requirements eliminating students that need remedial coursework in the basics.

At most those students should be sent to local community/junior colleges to get up to grade level before being allowed into the 4year colleges.

Yeah, no.