The Enemy Of The People?

How did the drip drip Huber hearing go yesterday? Or did the deep state make sure Bush’s service was yesterday so that it wouldn’t happen?

Drip drip sheople…

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Q-anon, Jade Helm, Pizzagate LOL

they aint lefties propagating those lies.


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No, just take it at it’s word. When the Amendment was adopted “the press” were those who acted as the press, not those who had credentials that didn’t even exist. The right is not for a profession with certain educations but for anyone that acts as the press. Including bloggers.

If you are trying to reach a wider audience than you could speak to personally through some form of puplication then you are the press.

So you mean literally the world that now exists thanks to social media and YouTube.

At the end of the day people aren’t stupid. A left leaning person can turn on Fox hear the bias, just as a right wing person can flip on CNN and MSNBC and hear it.

Some commentators hide it better than others, but over the years it feels more like Westeros than America. As a conservative I don’t even post a link from Fox in the last few years as the left will denounce it as biased and they are right. It’s all biased.


10 smegs

I must correct this injustice!

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drip, drip, drip

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Actually, the professionals have no specific claim to be the press that they can exclude others. The right isn’t about gifting power to a profession working for media companies but recognizing the rights of individuals who do certain activities.

They have their rights not because they work for news agencies but because they are Persons. The news agencies are free riders on their backs. So, yes, there’d be nothing wrong with only admitting individuals representing just themselves to attend a press conference. It would go a long way towards taking the entities down a peg or three.

The ability to broadcast your views and news has been liberated from when it was relatively difficult and costly to do so (though broadsheets etc were never that costly to produce, it was difficult to post them far and wide). The old press of corporate entities as “the press” didn’t exist when the country was founded, what did was small printing shops owned and operated by people (dubious to claim many were even LLCs). Screw the entities, they were essentially an accident of history (unlike the Robber Barons the Left chides against, the banker Morgan and those banana guys aside, the big press even caused wars just as it’s now a vehicle by which the crap ideologies of the ever more far Left are sustained). Long live the press of those who take it upon themselves to be the press.

Better some guy in his basement than a boardroom of I’ve league gits.


Let me vent AGAIN again that the forum refreshes and loses some or (several times now) all of the post!

I hate auto refresh. The old way of you having to refresh manually was better!

As for FOX, I’m tired of writing out that post. Screw it, you could anticipate what I was gonna say based on what was already posted.

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You seem to act like that is really new in its substance.

Some guy in the 1960s pumping out zines with a mimeograph machine in his garage was “the press”. Before then there were cheapy cheapy offset presses. Those big rooms full of million dollar machines to print hundreds of thousands of papers were a footnote between the unstructured press that existed before them, had always existed beside them, and will endure long after them.

He did that 2 years ago. Remember?

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I’m reminded constantly of some vague claim that was alleged years ago. Where’s the beef?

You must be getting your facts from the same poll that said Trump had no chance of even
winning the Republican Nomination!:joy: hahaha lol.

Fat donald inciting violence against the media.

Minutes later, this happened.

There’s bias and then there’s creating an alternate reality about The Mueller Crime Family to run cover for your man. I agree that there’s bias everywhere but it’s not equal imo.

I picture trump laughing as he sees cnn hosts live streaming from the street.

I can definitely see him think they had it coming and somewhat pleased that he has so much power to influence.

Maxine Watters tells her Democrat voters to Harrass people just because they’re Trump supporters. Basically, the Democrats want freedom of speech ripped from any Trump supporter at all.
Republican politicians then get harassed constantly. Republican media can’t even eat in Restaurants because protestors harass them.

Threats against people like Tucker Carlson happen, and people show up outside of his house.
What Republican got shot by a hating Democrat again?

Several people go to the Emergency room for simply having a Trump bumper sticker. So at a stop light, people get out, and beat the crap out of someone within an inch of their life, just because of their political beliefs.

Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuup, ya might not wanna compare the Republican vs. the Democrats when it comes to harassment, and pushing Anarchy. Just saying. lol.

Some nice choice quotes about it from Fox commenters…

“It’s the Clown News Network who cares.”

“Now they’re calling bomb threats in on themselves”

“Awwwwwwwwww, don’t it just break your heart…??“