The Enemy Of The People?

Is the mainstream media (ABC,CBS,NBC, CNN, MSNBC)
the enemy of the American people?

I’m sure that it won’t ever stop Jim Acosta from trying to Grandstand, simply to
get attention for his failing network.

You tell me?
Do you trust them?
Polls suggest that the level of trust for most Liberal Mainstream media outlets
keep dropping more more even, before Trump got into office.

Yes not only are most all the newspapers networks besides Fox “enemies of the people”, but so are all the main newspapers and television stations of the wold. It is one gigantic global conspiracy to try and undo a fair election.


The conspiracy theories, usually come from the wacky Left-wing Democrats.

The Moon Landing, jfk assassination, aliens, etc. hahaha.

Trust me, you guys have a lot more “Theories” in general. lol.

More American voters trust the media to tell the truth about important issues than President Trump, according to a new Quinnipiac poll released Wednesday.

About 54 percent of voters trust the media compared with 30 percent who trust the president, a new low for him in the poll.


Trump is an alien from the moon who was on the grassy knoll. That’s a fact jack.


…the friend of the sheople?


Now go sit in your corner.

Aliens aren’t a conspiracy theory. It’s an unknown. We don’t know if there is other life out there or not.

Considering the number of planets in just our galaxy orbiting sun like stars in the Goldilocks zone the chances of life being out there is pretty high. Intelligent life is a different ball game, though.

Any comment with the word sheeple in it can be profitably ignored.


Updated Gallup poll since the one cited in the OP is 2 years old.


No, it was a time traveling John Kennedy on the Grassy Knoll. With the help of the Red Dwarf crew he killed himself to avoid jail.

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The Goldilocks zone is where you have the highest risk of bear attacks.


Dire Bears.

Sorry, no time to discuss that. My team is set to raid a pizza parlor in ten minutes.

No, that’s Trump.

Speaking of sheople, how did the Huber hearing go?

Fake news! No one would trust the evil lib Fifth Column media more than Donald. He’s super truthy!

Ouch. Another conspiracy theory face plant for our resident sheeple that are willingly led by the nose by people looking to profit off of their gullibility. People like Dan Bongino and Alex Jones and Andrew McCarthy and Greg Jarrett and a slew of others. These guys are laughing all of the way to the bank at the rubes that they profit off of.

Even when the evidence of political corruption is staring you down…you choose to look the other way.

OK. No idea what you are talking about, but OK.


Evidence you say? Bwahahahahaha

Still waiting for that post from you laying out this supposed evidence and connecting the dots. Laying out the conspiracy bare for all of us to see, since only you and the handful of other red-pill believers have the “special sight necessary” to really know what’s going on.