The End of the Patriots' Dynasty

Will Bob Kraft’s arrest on solicitation of prostitution and involvement in a sex-trafficking ring lead to the end of the Pats dynasty?

Can the NFL force him to sell the team like what happened to Bob Richardson being forced to sell the Carolina Panthers after a article detailing sexual harassment within the organization?

Jim Irsay, the owner of the Colts, had a drug arrested several years ago. However, people are much more forgiving of drug use than they are sex offenses. Prostitution carries major shame on those who get caught. He should sell the team.

I dont think Kraft will sell, but if he did, is Kraft’s ownership necessary for the dynasty to exist?

Kraft should take the patriots to the XFL for 6 more rings

It makes no difference. It would be like a waitress asking you if you want ice cream on your pie, or your pie underneath your ice cream.

Still beating this dead horse? You proclaimed the end when the Dolphins were 3-0 and the Pats 1-2. Then midseason after they had a bad loss you suggested they might not make the playoffs.

Doesn’t matter who the owner is, he’s irrelevant. The dynasty will continue as long as Belichick is the coach and a serviceable QB is under center. Father time has to catch up to Brady eventually but as the Pats showed during Brady’s suspension two years ago they can plug and play QB’s as no coach is better than Belichick at changing his system on the fly to suit his players skills.