The end of the Heisei era has begun

Japan announced the new name for the next Emperural era this weekend offical period of transition will begin next month.

The country’s current era, Heisei, will end in a month with Emperor Akihito’s historic abdication.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga announced the highly anticipated name by holding up a board with the characters handwritten on it.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has addressed the nation to explain its meaning.

Each Japanese emperor’s reign, or “gengo”, is given a name which is then used alongside the Western calendar to mark the years.

The Japanese are a tremendous people. No large scale immigration or refugees - preserving their culture.

Do you also love the 20 years of stagnant GDP that is not politically viable here?

What culture have americans lost?

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Hot dogs.


Our common heritage of folk figures is being lost.
I was shocked to find out how many musically interested college freshmen don’t know who John Henry (the steel driving man) was. Or where the House of the Rising Sun was. Or who went to Alabama with a banjo in their knee. Or who John Phillips Sousa was.

Lots of reasons. (Loss of “music appreciation” class in Jr. High is one.) But we are creating a new, balkanized, commercialized, musical culture and losing a common base that crossed genres.

There are artists pushing back, but this is one example of changing American culture.

Slavery … on paper anyway.

Some people just don’t care about moving forward though.


That vid was awesome

A few songs is not considered american culture

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And lots of racism.

What? Most of their culture has been imported.

Straight white Christian males are now invisible in media and entertainment. Now you only really see them 96.4% of the time, and they’re only depicted as villians.

These are the End Times.

Its not just a few songs. Is a whole common culture of folk figures. The songs are just one expression of that.

Interesting… almost as if there is a connection :thinking:

Our blue jeans are too strong, no one can resist.