The End of An Era

Not my era this time, but I know the feeling.

Good luck Mr. President, you’re going to need it.

Oh and to those left as bait; sorry.

What really bothers me is the youth that gets sent over there that come back with permanent injuries likes loss of limbs, just so that we can someday we can be pulled out.

If were not in it for keeps, then just send in the Air Force to do bombing raids and never put troops on the ground in the first place.

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This ending took longer than the Lord of The Rings trilogy. lol


We always pull out, we’re not colonialists.

You’re gonna get cancelled for that.

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5 posts. Tsk, tsk.

I worry about the roll back of human rights, but it is time.

This is wholly a legacy of the Bush blunder: waging war in Iraq. We could’ve done Afghanistan right, but alas.

Water under the bridge, Bring 'em home

You really don’t have the first clue about this.

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Fifteen years later than we should have.

Do you think the position of the Afghanis would have been better 15 years ago?

Or is there something else you are getting at? If so, please elaborate.

After Karzai was elected we could have packed up and taken off. We’d still be spending billions after we left. Just like we will now.

Respectfully disagree.

The Afghan army was in near to non-existent shambles, and Karzai was never going to be in a position to inspire them to fight for the newly re-invented state.

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Islamic extremists have all the patience in the world along with an endless supply of martyrs looking for those 72 virgins. My prediction is that Afghanistan will once again be ruled by the Taliban in short order. It will be like nothing ever changed, as they continue where they left off with their terrorist training camps and plots against western world interests.


All of it, plus money. Rebuild schools improve roads, hospitals. The point is to stand them up and give the people a stake. Hearts and minds.

Don’t care. We should have not gone into Iraq again.

You must be joking.

I completely agree and it took us longer to learn that than it did Russia.

They will be more focused on attacking us then ever before.

The contents of that post are stupid.