The end is near...Trump campaign drops Arizona lawsuit

After an embarrassing day which saw Trump lawyers raising objections to their own witness testimony, Trump’s lawyer’s are dropping their lawsuits where they tried to allege “being unsure whether my vote counted” equaled “disenfranchisement”.

They realized they couldn’t overcome Biden’s lead in the state…plus their argument was ridiculous (OK that’s my commentary)…so they are quitting.

The slow winding down to Trump giving up (but not conceding…I’m sure he will claim he was robbed from now until kingdom come) has begun.

Right on! :fist:t3:

Concede Trump! Free the GSA! Release the PDB!

Deep state lawyers all of them. Paid for and funded by Soros. Please ignore the fact Trump hired them.


I predict acceptance by Monday.


And not even a small riot or any looting. Wish the other side was so considerate.


Are there any lawsuits are objections in WI?

If not, then between PA, MI, and GA, as soon as one of those are completed that’s 270.

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Assuming Biden wins, the inauguration is going to be so awkward.

Donald will not attend because he is a sore loser, adding more entertainment to the event.



Who cares?

No. Other than 3 lone voters from northern wisconsin who filed a lawsuit to have all the votes from Madison and Milwaukee eliminated because all those Biden votes disenfranchised their 3 trump votes. I think they goofed up though and filed with the wrong court.

Because the GOP has put their full faith and allegiance behind a joke of a human being.


Caring isn’t required. It is what it is.


Do you (or anyone) know a place where can see and track all open cases??

So what? Who cares if he shows up at the coronation or not?

Optics can help. Help show some solidarity. If not for the people who voted for Trump than at least the optics of the peaceful transfer of power from one president to the other in the eyes of the rest of the world.

Trump will never accept.

He might stop blocking the transition, but he will not accept.

Which is fine. He can join Clinton on being a sore loser. America told her “You’re Not Hired!” and told Trump “You’re Fired!”.

Optics can help what? Trump is a horrible person, he lost, what can he help?

Just two guys with guns and a q sticker on their car

But those were plants…

Not blocking the transition is accepting.