The DOW is now back to where is was on Jan 26, 2018

Where does it go from here?

Good news everyone!

Choo Choo All aboard!

It seems the bulls are in charge I would have thought we would have seen a 5% pullback even before the tariffs because of stock valuation but it seems people are just shrugging it off and buying away.

I remember about seven years ago watching CNBC and they had some guy on there (don’t remember the name) saying DOW 30,000 here we come everyone laughed at him. At this point he was more right than the panel and most economists which have been telling people to pullback and put some on cash etc… If a person did that they would have missed a huge bull run.

That being said I don’t see how it will last much longer the tariffs will have much less of an effect the stock market than the rising interest rates. Some online banks already have 2% interest rates again. If the rates keep going up will see the love of the market shift.

Always cracking Champaign befire the craaassshhh

Corporate tax reduction encouraging growth and capital investment in America.
Repatriation of earnings dumping gasoline on the Trump’s economic fire.
Better energy production by reduced restrictions and improved transport policy increasing exports.
Increased employment, rising wages, increased consumer confidence, increased commerce.
Result of this, increased tax revenue.

This is more like a turbo-charged motor, with lag, than a supercharged engine.
There is a lot of money still on the sidelines.

I am currently staying in and loosening my Stops a little.

Sounds like a bubble

Here is the beginning of market wisdom for you.

The stock market is ALWAYS in some phase of a bubble.

Wealth creation is real, and the pie is growing, but betting on particular parts of the pie growing, and when, creates winners and losers. That is what we are talking about.

Isn’t tax revenue significantly down, and wage growth still flat?

Wage growth is inching up a bit, it has been the bummer in the job reports since the great recession.

So in 2008 it was in a bubble?

Bubbles pop.


Breath twice and beat your heart 5 times, repeat for life.

Wages are growing, hiring is so hot that recruiters are looking outside standard sources. This is driving wages up.

Higher wages and increased commerce and corporate investment WILL increase the tax base.

Lol and yet the deficit is bigger than ever and the debt is exploding… while in full employment. Failure.

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Certainly the Liberals and Progressives have set this thing up to fail and are adding to the disaster as we speak.

That is not the subject.

Then it isnt a bubble after it pops

Always the victim and always someone else’s fault.

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Typical Liberal quasi static thought.

It’s a process, that in this case repeats.

Perhaps it is too late for my admonition for oxygen circulation.

Queen of the Nile.