The Double Standard




Obviously if you dont agree you arent a Right Minded Person.


Read this again存lowly.


I mean what I wrote is factually accurate, so yes.


Cant laugh away the truth.


Such a narrow mind is a waste of material.


Who is the sexual predator in your scenario again? The guy you believe stuff about, or the guy who you heard admit to grabbing women by the ?


Well unless they dont believe the evidence in front of their faces, which admittedly wouldnt make them right minded, so: point, SaysWho.


no, its not. I dont thin you understand what money laundering is.


My wife and I are lifelong St. Louis Cardinals fans. So when she felt like adding some flare to her commentary, she would say Pujols, instead of the s word. :rofl:


Well this was a stupid post. What illegally obtained money was involved? What concealment was there?



I think some people get wrapped up in their politicians, and live vicariously thru them. Its as if what the politician does, or how they are perceived, is a direct reflection on the person.

Its the only explanation I have for why people will twist themselves into such ridiculous pretzel positions, to continue defending and sugar coating everything their guy does.


There used to be a rule about saying something inflammatory about ALL __________ (fill in the blank). You had to use the words most, some, a few etc.

That was the issue I was addressing with the broad brush statement. That poster has done just that before.

Now go yap somewhere else.


You still dont get it, you do? You are complaining about broad brushing while responding to a poster who did just that.

If there was/is a rule about broad brushing, it wasnt/isnt enforced.


I get that just fine. Im sorry your little snowflake heart cant take me making a comment about that particular poster and their style. You are free to bitch and complain about the other one if you choose to.


What in the world are you going on about? Youre making no sense whatsoever.


You have issues dont you?

You complained about me calling out someone for broad brushing while not calling out the other. I said you are free to call the other one out if you so choose if it hurts your feels so much that I only mentioned one of them.


There were posters here who screamed bloody hell whenever Obama blamed Bush. And many of the same seem to be okay with Trump blaming Obama.

But I still think that the golf is the most laughable. And I certainly have to say that Trump really did give Melania a great Mothers Day gift. He went and played golf and left her alone.


In the Media, any time a Conservative is caught doing something immoral, or lying, they get fired, and the mainstream liberal media that controls most of the media in general attacks that person, and everyone close to them, and destroys their life.
In the liberal media if youre caught lying or being immoral, it just gets swept under the rug, and they continue. Brian Williams is an example. Dont worry though. He still works for MSNBC. Which is simply a crappier version of NBC. He got demoted for getting caught lying about the Iraq war.


You must of forgotten the many, many lies Hillary told the FBI and Congress. Bout 30,000 if I recall. Hippocracy at its best.