The Double Standard


There is no way in Hell Hillary wasn’t in the loop with what her money was being spent for. What would be fun is in different rooms Have Hillary under oath, some fusion GPS people under oath and Steele under oath and asked them all if Hillary knew what her money was being used for, how and if she had contact with anyone outside the law firm once GPS got the money to go ahead.


Wait, so you’re asserting that Hillary explicitly knew that her retained law firm was going to hire Fusion GPS and she knew that Fusion GPS was going to hire Michael Steele and she knew that Michael Steele was going to contact Russians for information in the dossier? Lol. ok.


Seems pretty unlikely.

There were four of five steps between HRCs money and russians.

Also, why do you care? If the steele dossier is even remotely true - and it is proving to be - wh cares who paid for it? It would mean criminals were discovered. Why do you care wo paid who?


But here is a more likely reality - there is no way in hell trump didn’t know what his son, campaign manager and lawyer were doing in trump tower meeting russians promising dirt on HRC.


I was one that tried to warn em.


Keep in mind that President Obama was handed an economic bucket of feces. GM…bankrupt. Chrysler…bankrupt. The housing market crashed. AIG…almost out. I can go on and on about how bad things were economically. President Obama automatically bailed out GM, Chrysler, AIG, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, many banks and saved all of us from very well entering another Great Depression. If GM had gone out, it would have been a national security risk because they have a manufacturing capability that will be harnessed if “we” ever get into a conventional war again. I charge 2/3 of the increased national debt to George…screw everything up Bush. Most of that debt is Bush’s and ■■■■ the ■■■■ Cheney’s.


Not mocking you honestly. I cuss like a sailor sometimes, so I need to come up with some other cool words like Bull hockey.


Scones n biscuits When you feel like saying son of . . . .

My previous career (spent 15 years) you had to keep in the back of your mind george carlin’s 7 words. Each word was worth 10,000 in fines.

Another good one Sheep dip! Boss knew if I yelled that one I was mad.


Two things can be true:
1.Democrats have engaged in unethical behavior.
2.The Republicans are far more unethical than the Democrats could ever aspire to be.

Both of those are true statements.

Yeah nice try but no cigar! You cannot get anymore unethical then the current Democrat Party so those statements are not true.


Another double standard:

Obama pulls DACA ouf of his ***. A program not authorized or passed by Congress. Dem’s/Liberals/Illegal lovers go crazy with happiness.

Trump by the same authority says the program will end and congress needs to create the program and dem’s/liberals/illegal lovers go all ape ■■■■.


I like Bull Hockey, and Scones n Biscuits, but not feeling sheep dip.
“to each is their own.”
Instead of saying Je*** Ch****, I like to say Cheese and Rice. lol.
I live in a small religious town. I’m not religious, but I try and have respect towards others.


As usual, history supports your statement.


Being ideologically biased is one thing, that alone does not evidence a double standard.

Being forgiving of ones ideological equals in all evil or immoral or outright criminal acts while condemning an opposing ideological person for the very same behavior makes for the “double standard”.


Do you think Donald and Dubya were more ethical than President Obama and President Clinton?


That poster has a broad brush the size of New York. Gonna make for some fun times.


More ethical than Obama? Might be a wash there.

More ethical than a sexual predator? Hell yes.


Everyone? Not hardly.


Yah, that’s money laundering of campaign funds now that you bring it up.


You do realize there is more evidence of Trump being a sexual predator than there is for Clinton. Trump even admitted it on tape.


No right minded person believes the Democrats are more corrupt than the Republicans.