The Double Standard

Do you think that there is a double standard when it comes to politics? and if so why do you think that? Do you have any examples?

Double standard?? Pick a poster and watch them over the course of two opposing presidencies! :rofl:


Of course there is. Double standard is the jelly and party is the peanut butter. The bankers are the bread. And were the ones who eat it. Thank you very much I will be here all night

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Do you think there is?

As soon as partisanship gets involved, there are double standards.

Happens on the right.

Happens on the left.

If either side attempts to claim otherwise, it’s a sure sign they are full of ■■■■.

Double standards or incomplete information. There were many who supported the Patriot Act until the government abused it to infringe on civil liberties despite being warned that it would happen. Now they’re solidly against it. I doubt that really has anything to do with who is in charge at the moment.

King putt.

Absolutely. It is human nature to be biased towards beliefs that match one’s own. All sides do it,

Double standard . . . . double standard (cue music and wobbly fade).

Trump: Don Jr. gets e-mail about someone with Russian ties wanting to meet with him to give him dirt on Hillary Clinton. They meet in a hotel room. Don Jr. doesn’t think it’s credible information discusses another topic. Never Trumpers and liberals lose their minds saying it shows Russia collusion, Don Jr. and other should be charged, how can they expect to get information like that from someone who has ties to a foriegn government.

Hillary: Pay’s money to a foriegn Citizen (former agent of a foriegn country) who then gets in contact with Russians who give un-substantiated information. The information makes it’s way into a dossier that ends up in a Senator’s hand, no to mention was used as proof a FISA court warrant was needed. Never Trumpers and liberals don’t have an issue. Wonder what’s the big deal – everyone does opposition research.

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Why is it if someone in Fox News, or the Conservative media does something that is considered immoral, that it’s the end of the world, and all Republicans are evil, and that person is hanged so to speak, and yet if a Democrat does it or any of the mainstream media (ABC,CBS, NBC), it’s simply swept aside, and nobody ever notices or hardly ever says or does anything about it? They don’t call it fake news for a reason folks! lol.
How long was Hussein(Insane)Obama in office and what accomplishments did he make before receiving the Nobel Peace Prize? lmao. I guess they’ll just give the Nobel Peace Prize out to anybody now adays. Went from 11 trillion to 19 trillion in debt for America under his and the Democrats reign, and that deserves a Nobel Peace Prize? For what? making this country closer to a socialistic anarchy country?

Who loves the Clinton’s? The mainstream media Go ABC, NBC, CBS!
Owe how many lies have you had to cover up for so long.
Hmm, let’s see. How long has ABC, CBS, and NBC been around for, compared to Fox News, and other Conservatives? lmao. Yep, I think that those television shows are a lot older and a lot more corrupt than anyone else can come up with? Do I hear any debates as to anything that is earlier than these companies, and are corrupt? lol.

Yes both sides do it, and yet there is a portion of posters here who insist that their sides double standard is less worse than the other sides. I’d darn near call that a triple standard.

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In your second scenario, you excluded a couple degrees of separation. And the fact that there was already reason to investigate gates. Or that the dossier wasn’t the only evidence for the FISA warrant. But yeah, totally the same as direct contact with Russians (i.e. zero degrees of separation) to get damaging information on your opponent.

I’m shocked, SHOCKED, you would exclude such relevant information.

Double standard: Under Obama Administration, Arnold Giamarco, an Italian who hadn’t sworn an oath of U S citizenship, even though he had served in the U S Armed Forces, was deported in part due to some criminal convictions that made him eligible in spite of his Army service. Can’t recall even a peep being uttered about it, from the old Forum to various sources.

Yet, more recently under the Trump Administration, a Polish doctor, also not a citizen and due to some arrests, gets deported, and everyone left and right, both on Hannity and on some other sources, was crying foul.

More deportations under the Obama Admint, cool, under Trump? Everyone has one of these:exploding_head:

Both of your examples are so thoroughly riddled with falsehoods…I think you actually inadvertently prove the point.

Bull hockey, and there is is again.

Hillary’s contact was NOTHING and The Don Jr’s was HUGE

Bull hockey. Hilalrys contact with Russian was far worse and PAID for AND used.

Don Jr. lied twice about every detail about that meeting. And just to be clear…HE WENT TO A MEETING WITH RUSSIANS.

That is not at all similar to paying a law firm for OR.

It’s just not.

You are repeating whacky RW media talking points trying to make it sound like HRC wrote a check to russians. She didn’t. not even close.

I didn’t say it was nothing, but the two situations are not similar. The Hillary campaign retained a law firm who hired an Oppo Research firm who contracted Michael Steele who had contacts in Russia. You think Hillary Clinton knew that Michael Steele was even being used or that he was contacting Russians when her campaign retained the law firm for oppo research? That’s not at all the same as explicitly meeting with Russians directly.

Two things can be true:

  1. Democrats have engaged in unethical behavior.
  2. The Republicans are far more unethical than the Democrats could ever aspire to be.

Both of those are true statements.

Additionally, there is no information that I have found that shows that any of the HUMINT that Steele gathered was ever delivered to the Clinton Campaign or the DNC. Steele decided to take the intelligence direct to the FBI after fearing what he was uncovering.