THE DOUBLE STANDARD: Comedian Under Fire After Calling Ivanka Trump a ‘****’

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Liberal comedian Samantha Bee found herself in hot-water Thursday after calling Ivanka Trump a “feckless ****,” with conservatives citing the liberal double standard after Roseanne Barr was abruptly fired for a string of offensive tweets.

Bee viciously attacked the First Daughter after she posted a touching picture of herself and her son, screaming “Do something about your dad’s immigration practices you feckless ****” as the audience erupted in laughter and applause.

The backlash against Bee was immediate as users on social media pointed-out the blatant double-standard when it comes to liberal attacks on the First Family.

“Hey @TBSNetwork, shall I assume the Samantha Bee cancellation news will come later today? No?” asked former presidential candidate Herman Cain.

I’m FLAGGING these FILTER bypasses.


At least it’s up to date anyway. :wink:

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THIS is true BUT it’s STILL annoying WITH ALL these CAPS in the TITLES.

I say cancel the show.

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Another attempt at false equivalence by the right.

And besides, she pretty well nailed Ivanka for what she is.

So, many on the left are making a big show about “women’s rights”, complete with marches with pink hats, but they don’t mind the use of this vulgar word to describe a woman?

Got it.


How are you doing that?

Samantha Bee’s show is awesome. And is not in danger of being cancelled because of the right wing media’s breathless whataboutism. Rosanne is your racist. Own her. Have fun with that.


not really a double standard one was a historically racist comment.

It’s not a word I use, but I have no problem if a woman wants to call another woman a "feckless ", especially when it is an apt description of said woman.

First click this button:

Then this one:

Never watched a single episode of “Roseanne”, either the old nor the new show. And I did comment her on threads about her here.

Why would I “own her”, or even “have at her”? Her show has been cancelled, and she’ll probably never work in entertainment again. To go at her now would be like kicking a dead horse, no?

Nice to watch samantha bee trigger the conflakes…

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Did our gracious host ever weigh in on Roseanne’s comments?

Why is it such a big deal. I thought Republicans didn’t care about language as long as you keep it real. Trump as said some pretty outrageous things. And all we heard was locker room talk.


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Yep, called them despicable but not racist.

Sem problema! (yeah, I cheated… lol)

I don’t know you personally, I was speaking to the right wing movement as a whole. It sure seems like they’ve taken her on as this week’s unfairness outrage du jour. As such, they now can take pride in defending her, defending ‘ape’ as a not-at-all-racist way to describe black people, and have now even devolved into arguing whether or not her intended target is black at all. Instead of just conceding she ■■■■■■ up, you’ve all now dug your heels in and you own her and all of her mess.