The DNC Democrat 2020 Convention Live Streaming Comments/Chating disabled!

It’s honorable how you never see any of that during Trump events. Especially here.

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I m listening to Michelle Obama speak.

She’s almost as good at saying nothing as her husband was.

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It is what it is.

I watched most of it. Boring in parts, very meaningful in others. Not for everyone. Lots of black and brown speakers. Women. Good points were made. Trump was put to task. Michelle killed it like always.

Michelle did great, and i liked Kasich’s speech too. I don’t mind everything moving along, i don’t like conventions.

Tomorrow night is Bill Clinton! I can’t wait!

Are you going to watch?

Instead of dropping balloons, the DNC will release Biden’s shaved leg hair so it will turn blonde under the spotlights.


I wish they would leave the Clinton’s off the program.

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Michelle was fantastic.

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Sorry, I got ahead of myself. Don’t care what you do. I’m going to smile:
“Rock, rock, roll Plymouth Rock roll over”

At least they are smart enough not to give either of them the prime spots.

Chris Wallace and crew are fondling over Michelle Obama speech…seriously?

She was basically lying her ass off with her extreme exaggeration.

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I am going to just accept that that is a typo

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"I heard Bernie. I read between the lines. His message was -

“Many of us in politics are guilty of massive criminal fraud. If Trump is re-elected, what we have been getting away with will all come out in courts. Regardless of where we have positioned ourselves on the political spectrum in order to win a space at the trough, Democrat or Conservative, anarchist or authoritarian, if you are a criminal politician or political activist, you need to unite with us against Trump, and convince your constituency that Trump is evil and an existential threat on every level. Otherwise we will all hang together.”

$20 says the republicans disable chat as well.

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Talk about nonsense and race baiting. This whole Convention is a joke. They completely ignored the rioting that is happening in Portland and other cities.

Then he ended by saying " a storm is coming" and winked while the picture faded.

Bernie was begging his supporters to vote for Biden.

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Yep…don’t sit there and lecture us about empathy while pretending to be authentic…

I don’t care about a presidents empathy and feelings…I care about good public policy. Her husband gave us Obamacare, dropped millions in cash on a tarmac, and tried to corrupt the process of the transfer of power from one administration to the next.

Empathy my ass.