The DNC Democrat 2020 Convention Live Streaming Comments/Chating disabled!

Its hilarious the DNC Democrat 2020 Convention isn’t even live and yet its pre recorded. For every or some stream they had the commenting and chatting disabled.

So far in the DNC Democrat 2020 Convention they had their guests using the race card on covid. Cuomo is blaming his own failures on the Trump admin!

Bill And Hillary will be the guests on Tuesday.

I find the conventions of all parties incredibly boring and this year they will be especially boring.


I never watch them either. I only watch the aftermath clips like Clint Eastwood talking to a chair.


I’m just anxiously awaiting the wisdom of Scott Baio next week!


I don’t intend to watch either. If you aren’t undecided or even close, what’s the point?

I just hope Trump doesn’t try to rush to twitter to make some comment about the convention. Just let it pass.

If somebody does something amazingly stupid I can always watch it on youtube later.

But seriously why on earth should they allow “chating”?


They should turn comments on, so Trump supporters can flood the board saying “MAGA!” and “Biden is a child sniffer.”


The conventions are more for the people who do a lot of campaign work and the like within the party. I attended one national convention back when I was heavily involved in the Republican Party. It was a fun experience, but something I probably wouldn’t repeat at this point in my life. I just don’t really have ties to a political party any more.

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Rock, rock, roll Plymouth Rock roll over.

Because they allowed it in 2008 to. And 2016 so why can it now? a bit afraid of some commenting over the rioting that is happening maybe?

Or the commenting on the democrats ignoring the chaos in their blue held states? are you saying blue states are doing just fine? lol

Either way this Convention is a nightmare for the democrats.


Well, it might inspire you to do more than usual for your candidate.

But generally, I agree.

I’m watching tonight to see Bernie and Michelle, and to see how virtual conventions feel. But probably won’t watch again until biden speaks.

No I don’t think that’s it.

That idiot Andrew Cuomo should learn to shut the Hell Up. He’s lucky he hasn’t been sued over his blatant mishandling of nursing homes during Covid. Just another Democrat failure on full display.


Its bad when you pre record things and then claim its live.

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Rock, rock, roll Plymouth Rock roll over

NYC Mayor
“Riots and protesting are fine!” You may continue protesting till Sep.

dont forget to vote for us! Democrat Mayor.


Republican banned all media from their convention.