The DNC debate debacle. I have a solution

As we know, racially obsessed democrats are all up in arms because of the “whiteness” of their next debate. Because, again as we know, nothing is as important as what the candidates look like. The only thing close is who hates Trump the most. So why not use the same rules for politics that they want to use for every day life? The dems love minority quotas for college entry. In some cases, allowing those with lower scores in ahead of people of the wrong color. The same for the corporate world. They love having percentages for hiring and promotions. Why not simply make a rule that every debate must have a certain percentage of women and minorities? All you would have to do is to boot out the lowest polling white folks in the debate and replace them with non whites. If it’s good for the private sector, why shouldn’t it be good for politics?

The DNC can run their debates however they want. I’m sure they appreciate your concern, but it’s not like you’ll ever vote for anyone on that stage anyway.

And I can provide excellent advice to help them solve their current problem too! Ain’t America great? :us:

And they can, and will, ignore it. America is indeed great. :us:

its obvious that to them “diversity” is an end unto itself and focus on that instead of the character of the person

Yeah, they’ll complain about it this week, then vote for the old rich white person they’re told to next week. :wink:


All they need to do is put Maxine Waters on the debate stage.
She checks all the boxes- Black, woman, mentally handicapped.


Which billionaire is your favorite, Steyer or Bloomberg?

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No link. You have 4 choices.

  1. Believe it.
  2. Don’t believe it. Assume that the dems are perfectly happy with their lack of diversity.
  3. Do your own research and see for yourself. Hint: Do you know what Julian Castro thinks?
  4. Complain that there isn’t a link.

Pick one. I don’t care which one. But I’m betting on 4.

The one I already voted for. lol :wink:

The obsession with diversity is in itself a form of racism as its focus is purely on the color of a person’s skin as opposed to anything else about the person.

Yes. It’s actually kind of evil. Telling someone that they are not of a preferred race.

That one stung.

Lead by example D.

Actually there are some diverse candidates including a reformed native American woman.

Not sure why they keep ignoring the best one.

Tulsi Samoan America female vet and original thinker.


It’s OK to be racist against white people.

:rofl::rofl: True.

Shhh they like to think that is impossible. :grin:

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According to Kamela, one of the reasons she had to quit was racism/ sexism. If that’s the case, the dems are more of a racial train wreck than we thought. :open_mouth: Proof that they need racial quotas for all political activities. They have some serious work to do.

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Not impossible, just acceptable.

It’s the only racism they’re open about having in their hearts. :wink:

It’s always racist when a democrap loses. :rofl: