The dishonesty of the 1619 project

I’ve read a little of this hogwash. Most of it is heavy on theory and light on facts. The N.Y. Times pretty much says we should believe it because they declare it to be true. Example: They seem to think that the slavery that ended generations ago is why so many African Americans are in prison and incredibly violent towards each other. Secondly they blame “America.” As if it’s the geographic location that was the issue. Not the European powers who created the slave trade. We must not speak of them. There is little mention of the actual slave countries Portugal, The Netherlands, Britain, Spain and France. These countries had nothing to do with it. Right? Slavery simply appeared magically out of nowhere. And it’s all the fault of “America.” Who as a country did not exist. And would not exist for over 150 years later. Revisionist history on steroids.

Let’s make this perfectly clear. I do not feel guilty for what the European powers established here. And I do not owe a penny to anyone for what dead people did to other dead people generations ago. Slavery is being used as a crutch and excuse for crime, drugs, incarceration, violence and anything else that is related to poor behavior and lack of education. None of this is my fault. Not a smidgen.

I accept zero responsibly for anyone’s plight but my own. How about you?

Slavery ended 155 years ago.

No slaves nor slave owners are still still alive.

It is indeed used as a crutch/excuse for poor behavior choices which result in bad consequences for those making them

Everybody else’s fault certainly not their own. :roll_eyes:

I accept responsibility to work my butt off and pay taxes, that can then be used to offer EVERYONE a public education, as my fellow Americans did for me, when I was young. After that, it’s up to the parents to guide their children through the educational process and prepare them for adulthood. Those who are nothing but sperm donors…ARE THE PROBLEM!!!

Amen to that!

Y’all stop quoting long OPs in the very next post please.

According the the media, big tech, Hollywood, BLM the DNC and idiots everywhere. The reason democratic cities are a mess is due to systemic racism, slavery, po-leece brutality and some privileged white dude living in a red state.

Newsflash for liberal nit wits. If ten of my black co workers all quit their big pharma jobs, every one of them could have another job in a week. How is this possible with so much systemic racism in the way?

It doesn’t have to be true and it doesn’t have to be based on anything. That’s not how Critical Theory works.

It’s much easier to point fingers, than to face the man in the mirror, like Michael Jackson sang about…and make the changes necessary to fix your own problem. One method simply kicks the can down the road, while the other…actually begins fixing the problem.

Let’s pull something out of the 1619 project and discuss whether or not it’s “hogwash”?

You pick the topic.


"If you want to understand the brutality of American Capitalism you must begin on the plantation."

You’re being used as a tool of the left. They have no compassion for you what so ever. The goal is the overthrow of America. Creating a racial divide is the method. The above statement proves this.

What does slavery in those countries have to do with slavery perpetuated on this soil for 270 years? Or under the US flag for almost 100 years?

What about Jim Crow? Do we blame another country for that?

What is inaccurate about this statement?

Everything. Especially Britain.

Jim Crow is dead. You are not suffering from Jim Crow,


US citizens perpetuated slavery for almost 100 years under the US flag. Britain’s fault? Jim Crow… Britain’s fault?

One is that no one alive today, ever had slaves and yet, they are capitalists. This capitalism generates the revenues necessary to sponsor our public educational system. It also financially supports their academic and sporting venues like football and basketball. It provides scholarships for continuing education and so many more facets necessary that continuously help strengthen our country from with in.


Millions of Americans today…were alive on both sides of Jim Crow. Only 50ish years old. No impacts? Lol

…and yet, for over 150 years, that isn’t so. Why is it you’re choosing to be stuck in your time warp?

Doesn’t mean no one alive today didn’t benefit from it.

Capitalism seeks to maximize profits. Is there a better way to do that, than with free labor?

Slavery has been gone for 155 years. We have no plantations left. Here’s another lie.

"America holds on to an undemocratic assumption from it’s founding that some people deserve more power than others."

Again. Total hogwash. Where are the people who believe this hiding? They are harder to find than sasquatch. They provide no examples because they are lying SOB’s.